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Description:Sinking of the USS Yorktown (CV5) in the Battle of Midway, June 6, 1942. The 19,900-ton USS Yorktown (CV5) tilts heavily to the port side after attack by Japanese bombers and torpedo planes in the battle of Midway, June 4, 1942. The aircraft was struck by two torpedoes launched by an enemy submarine on June 6, and capsized and sunk the following day. The Yorktown carried approximately 80 planes and had a complement of some 2,000 men. American losses included the destroyer USS Hammann, torpedoed while escorting the Yorktown and a total of 92 officers and 216 men during the entire battle of Midway. Japanese losses included four carriers and two heavy cruisers definitely sunk and numerous other vessels sunk or damaged. A destroyer (on the right) was taken almost dead astern of the Yorktown. (National Archives, US Navy 80-G-17061).
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