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World War II sites in Truk Lagoon, Chuuk, Federated States of Micronesia

World War II Time line

September 18:Japan invades Manchuria, China

September 1:Germany invades Poland
September 3:Britain, France, Australia and New Zealand declare war on Germany

December 7:Japan attacks Pearl Harbor
December 8:USA and Britain declare war on Japan
December 11:Germany and Italy declare war on USA
December 25:Japanese troops capture Hong Kong

January 2:Japanese troops capture Manila, Philippines
January 8:Australian aircraft photograph Truk Lagoon
January 15:Australian aircraft bombs Truk Lagoon
January 23:Japanese troops take Rabaul
January 25:Japanese troops land on the Solomon Islands
February 1:USA aircraft bomb Japanese bases in Marshall and Gilbert Islands
February 15:Japanese troops capture Singapore
May 4:Japanese troops land on Corregidor, Philippines
May 8:Battle of the Coral Sea ends. Japan loses aircraft carrier Shoho and USA loses USS Lexington
June 7:Battle of Midway ends. One USA aircraft carrier (USS Yorktown) and four Japanese (Akagi, Kaga, Soryu and Hiryu) aircraft carriers sunk
July 3:Japanese troops land at Guadalcanal
September 26:Australians repel Japanese troops near Port Moresby, New Guinea

January 1-31:USA decodes Japanese radio traffic out of Truk Lagoon
February 9:Japanese surrender Guadalcanal
April 18:Admiral Yamamoto, Commander in Chief of the Japanese Combined Fleet killed
November 1:USA invades Bougainville in the Solomon Islands

January 31:Majuro Atoll, Marshall Islands occupied by USA troops
February 17&18:Operation Hailstone, first bombing of Truk Lagoon by USA Carrier Fleet
February 20:Japanese base at Rabaul destroyed by USA Carrier Fleet
March 23—April 6:USA raids on Yap, Palau and Woleai
April 30—May 1:Second USA Carrier Fleet raid on Truk Lagoon
June 6:D-Day. The allies land in Normandy
July 21:American troops land on Guam.
September 11:Allied troops enter Germany
October 26:Battle of Leyte Gulf in the Philippines won by USA
November 10:Japanese troops capture Liuzhou, China

January 9:American troops land in the Philippines.
February 19:American troops land on Iwo Jima.
May 7:Unconditional surrender of German forces.
June 14:British Carrier Fleet raid on Truk Lagoon
July 16:USA test the first atomic bomb
July 22:American troops capture Okinawa
August 6:Atomic bomb is dropped on Hiroshima, Japan
August 9:Atomic bomb is dropped on Nagasaki, Japan.
August 14:Japan surrenders
September 2:Japanese forces in Truk Lagoon surrender aboard USS Portland
October 24:United Nations is officially born