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War in Paradise
World War II sites in Truk Lagoon, Chuuk, Federated States of Micronesia


The primary aim of this booklet is to inform people about some of the World War II sites located in Chuuk. World War II was a terrible and painful period in the history of Chuuk and the remaining sites (such as the buildings, guns, aircraft and shipwrecks) are a significant part in this history.

What is contained here is not an exhaustive coverage of all the sites in Chuuk, more an example of the range of sites that came into existence through World War II, what they look like today, and what is being done to manage and promote them.

location map

The booklet is also intended to compliment the 6 interpretive signs that have been placed adjacent to the Sapuk Lighthouse, at the Chuuk Airport, in the grounds of the Blue Lagoon Resort, and on Tonoas (their locations provided on the map of Tonoas).

The booklet and signs are not intended to duplicate other books. Details about the shipwrecks for instance where there are already some excellent books, has been kept to a minimum. What has been highlighted, are some of their major attributes and some of the problems associated with managing the shipwrecks. The latest shipwreck 'find', the Sapporo Maru, located during a remote sensing special project carried out in February 2002 is highlighted in the photograph below. Another recent special project funded by the USA National Parks Service was an investigation of the corrosion of the shipwrecks and aircraft. (See figure on page 3 of the conservators measuring the corrosion of a tank on the Nippo Maru)