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Asan Beach Guide

Marines on beach

"After advancing a few yards you find that the [butt] handle of the (sub) machine gun on your shoulder, your pack and shovel, canteens, knife, and machete all stick out at right angles and are as tenacious in their grip on the surrounding underbrush as a dozen grappling hooks."

Infrantryman, 77th Army Division


"It was raining every day, and we were wet to the skin."

Sergeant Masashi Itoh, Japanese Soldier

The National Park Service at War in the Pacific National Historical Park is interested in compiling oral histories of World War II, particularly on Guam and other islands in the Pacific. If you have personal memories that you would like to contribute, please contact the park.

War in the Pacific National Historical Park was established in 1978 "to commemorate the bravery and sacrifice of those participating in the campaigns of the Pacific theater of World War II, and to conserve and interpret outstanding natural, scenic and historic values and objects on the island of Guam for the benefit and enjoyment of present and future generations."

Produced by War in the Pacific National Historical Park
460 North Marine Drive
Piti, Guam 96915

Written by
Joyce A. Quinn
Department of Geography
California State University

Published by
Arizona Memorial Museum Association


Last Updated: 01-Apr-2004