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War In The Pacific Marine troops landing on Guam
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  • Asan Bay Overlook with its panoramic view and its Memorial Wall which contains 16,142 names of Chamorro and American casualties who suffered or died during the war on Guam.
  • The 20 cm short-barrel Japanese Coastal Defense Gun and the Japanese Twin Mount 25mm Anti Aircraft Gun that are located at Ga'an Point.
Ga'an Historic guns
Ga'an Historic guns at Ga'an point include a 20cm short-barrel Japanese Coastal Defense Gun and a Twin Mount 25mm antiaircraft gun. Ga'an point is where 55,000 US Marines and Army Infantrymen stormed the shores to begin the recapture of the island. National Park Service photo.
  • Liberator's Memorial commemorates the 50th anniversary of the Liberation of Guam. This monument honors the armed forces that participated in the 1944 landing on Guam.
  • Over 3,500 marine species and 200 species of coral that are located within the scuba and snorkeling areas of park waters including the endangered hawksbill sea turtle and the threatened green sea turtle.
  • Over 100 historical sites, caves, bunkers, pill boxes, emplacements, latrine foundations, plaques, and structures that can be seen throughout War in the Pacific's landscape.
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