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War In The Pacific Marine troops landing on Guam
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Did You Know?

  • War in the Pacific NHP has more water acres (1002) than land acres (926)?

  • The Fonte Plateau Unit was the site of a former Japanese naval communications center on Guam during World War II.

Marines crouch on beach as Japanese land mines knock out a couple of their tanks. Visiting the same site today is an amazing contrast to how these beaches looked during war time. National Park Service photo.

  • The three Japanese coastal defense guns located at the Piti unit were never fired?
  • That more than 50 years ago, by forced labor, the Chamorros built
    many of the Japanese fortification and defense structures that can be seen throughout the park and island.
  • Within the seven park units there are coral reefs, limestone forests, wetlands, a mahogany forest, and tropical savannah ecosystems?
  • War in the Pacific has one of the highest levels of species diversification within the park service and has one of the most diverse coral reefs?
  • During the Japanese occupation the area now known as Asan Beach Unit was a rice paddy?
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