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War In The Pacific Marine troops landing on Guam
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War Dogs

Prior to WWII, the use of dogs in the military was limited to polar regions where they were used as sled dogs. But during the second World War, 2,000 dogs were trained and sent overseas. War dogs first saw action in Bougainville.

 The U.S. Marine Corps used a team of 60 canines on Guam- primarily Doberman Pinschers, German Shepards, and a few mongrels. These “devil dogs” were used on Guam as sentries, messengers, and mine detectors. They proved exceptionally useful in searching out the enemy in caves. They stood up well under fire, saved many lives, and were a boon to troop morale.

U.S. troops were not the only casualties of the battle for Guam. More than 20 U.S. combat dogs were killed in action and laid to rest with great affection and respect. The War Dog Cemetery, originally sited along the Asan River, was moved to U.S. Naval Station, Guam in June 1994.

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