Alaska Subsistence
A National Park Service Management History
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ACS — Alaska Cluster of Superintendents
ADF — Alaska Department of Fisheries
ADF&G — Alaska Department of Fish and Game
ADN — Anchorage Daily News
AFN — Alaska Federation of Natives
AEC — Atomic Energy Commission
AHS — Alaska Historical Commission
AKSO — Alaska (System) Support Office
ALC — Alaska Legislative Council
ALSC — Alaska Legal Services Corporation
ANB — Alaska Native Brotherhood
ANCSA — Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act
ANIA — Aniakchak National Monument and Preserve
ANILCA — Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act
ANS — Alaska Native Sisterhood
AOA — Alaska Outdoor Association
AOC — Alaska Outdoor Council
APG — Alaska Planning Group
ARO — Alaska Regional Office (Anchorage)
ASA — Alaska State Archives
ASL — Alaska State Library
ASRC — Arctic Slope Regional Corporation
ATF — Alaska Task Force
ATV — all-terrain vehicle

BELA — Bering Land Bridge National Preserve
BIA — Bureau of Indian Affairs
BLM — Bureau of Land Management
BSF&W — Bureau of Sport Fisheries and Wildlife

C&T — Customary and Traditional
CACFA — Citizens' Advisory Commission on Federal Areas
CAKR — Cape Krusenstern National Monument
CFR — Code of Federal Regulations
CIRI — Cook Inlet Region Incorporated
CPSU — Cooperative Park Study Unit
CRM — Cultural Resource Management
CV — civil

DEIS — Draft Environmental Impact Statement
DENA — Denali National Park and Preserve
DOI — Department of the Interior

EA — Environmental Assessment
EIRAC — Eastern Interior Regional Advisory Council
EIS — Environmental Impact Statement

F&WS — Fish and Wildlife Service
FEIS — Final Environmental Impact Statement
FES — Final Environmental Statement
FSB — Federal Subsistence Board

GAAR — Gates of the Arctic National Park and Preserve
GLBA — Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve
GMP — General Management Plan
GMU — Game Management Unit
GPO — Government Printing Office
GRPO — Grand Portage National Monument
GSA — General Services Adminstration

HB — House Bill (Alaska Legislature)
HJR — House Joint Resolution (Alaska Legislature)
H.R. — House of Representatives bill (U.S. Congress)
HRH — H. Russel Holland

IAP — Indian Assistance Program
IDT — interdisciplinary team
IOS — Interior Office of the Solicitor
IRA — Indian Reorganization Act

KATM — Katmai National Park and Preserve
KEFJ — Kenai Fjords National Park
KOVA — Kobuk Valley National Park

LAA — Legislative Affairs Agency
LACL — Lake Clark National Park and Preserve
LEIS — Legislative Environmental Impact Statement

MOA — Memorandum of Agreement
MOMC — Mount McKinley National Park
MOU — Memorandum of Understanding

NANA — Northwest Alaska Native Association
NARA — National Archives and Records Administration
NARF — Native American Rights Fund
NEPA — National Environmental Policy Act
NGS — National Geographic Society
NHP — National Historical Park
NHS — National Historic Site
NM — National Monument
NOAT — Noatak National Preserve
NP — National Park
NPres — National Preserve
NPS — National Park Service
NR — National River
NRA — National Recreation Area
NRAC — Natural Resource Advisory Committee
NS — National Seashore
NWAK — Northwest Alaska Parklands (CAKR, KOVA, and NOAT)

OMB — Office of Management and Budget
ORV — off-road vehicle
OSM — Office of Subsistence Management

PCA — Photo Collection Album

RAC — Regional Advisory Council
RFR — request for reconsideration
RG — Record Group
RS — Resources/Subsistence (i.e., Subsistence Division at ARO)
RS — Revised Statute (e.g. RS 2477)
RuralCAP — Rural Alaska Community Action Project, Inc.
RZC — resident zone community

S. — Senate bill (U.S. Congress)
SA — special action
SAC — Subsistence Advisory Committee
SB — Senate Bill (Alaska Legislature)
SLA — Session Laws of Alaska
SMP — Subsistence Management Plan
SRC — Subsistence Resource Commission

TCC — Tanana Chiefs Conference

UNESCO — United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
USDI — U.S. Department of the Interior
USFS — U.S. Forest Service
USGS — U.S. Geological Survey

WIRAC — Western Interior Regional Advisory Council
WRST — Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve
WSPG — Washington Subsistence Policy Group

Y-K — Yukon-Kuskokwim [Rivers]
YUCH — Yukon-Charley Rivers National Preserve
YUGA — Yukon-Charley and Gates of the Arctic national park units

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