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8. North Fork of the Cascade River. Cascade Pass in the V-notch just above center. Forbidden Peak on the left. Hidden Lake in lower right. Looking east. (photo FS 64-450)

9. Looking southeast down the Stehekin River and Lake Chelan. (photo FS 64-396)

10. Looking east up the White Chuck River drainage to Glacier Peak and the Glacier Peak Wilderness. (photo NPS 5307-88)

11. Looking west up Railroad Creek. Holden Mine dump in bottom of the canyon. Glacier Peak Wilderness in the background. (Photo FS 64-383)

12. Looking north up Lake Chelan. Domke Lake is the small lake, center, near the mouth of Railroad Creek. (photo FS 64-387)

13. Napeequa River. Glacier Peak, center. Glacier Peak Wilderness, Wenatchee National Forest. Looking northwest. (photo FS 64-375)

14. Eileen, Donald and Chiwaukum Lakes. Chiwaukum Mountains. Mount Rainier in the distance. Wenatchee National Forest. Looking southwest. (photo FS 64-363)

15. Enchantment Lakes in the Stuart Range. Temple Mountain, right. Looking northeast across Wenatchee River Valley. (photo FS 64-310)

16. Cooper Lake on the Cooper River. Chimney Mountains in the background. Looking northwest. Wenatchee National Forest. Timber harvesting in irregular patches. (photo FS 64-330)

17. Snoqualmie Pass. Winter sports areas—Ski Acres, foreground, Hyack Ski Area, distance. Keechelus Lake. Looking south. (FS 64-340)

18. Looking west over Bumping River and Upper Bumping Lake to Mount Rainier. (photo FS 64-457)

19. Looking north up Butter Creek to Mount Rainier. Dixon Mountain on the left foreground and the Tatoosh Ranger in the right center. Timber harvesting in irregular patches. (photo FS 64-466)

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Last Updated: 26-Mar-2010