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1. Heather Meadows in the foreground—summer and winter recreation playground. Mount Baker in the background. Looking southwest. (Photo FS 64-433)

2. The South Pickets in the Mount Baker National Forest. (photo NPS 5307-172)

3. Head of Ross Lake. Boom across the lake is the international boundary. Canada is beyond the boom. Little Jackson Mountain and Hozomeen Lake in foreground. Looking northwest. (photo FS 64-419)

4. Looking southeast across Hidden Lakes on the East Fork of the Pasayten River in the North Cascades Primitive Area, Okanogan National Forest. (photos FS 483877)

5. Ross Lake and Dam in the lower foreground; Diablo Lake, left center; and the Skagit River. Mount Baker is in the background, North Cascades Highway—under construction—skirts Diablo Lake on the left. Looking a little south of west. (photo FS 64-414)

6. Methow River. The road winding across the face and up the left side leads to Harts Pass. Lost River forks to the right, center. Looking northwest. (photo FS 64-408)

7. Early Winters Creek. Clearing is route of the North Cross-State Highway. Looking a little west of south. (photo FS 64-406)

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Last Updated: 26-Mar-2010