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Kay Moor
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This historic resource study has been prepared to satisfy the research needs as stated in the task directive concerning New River Gorge National River under Package No. 106. Data contained in this report will be used in interpretation, preservation, and management needs at the site.

This study focuses on the history of a town and mine located on the south side of the New River, at the top, mid-way, and bottom of the gorge. Opened in 1900 by the Low Moor Iron Company of Low Moor, Virginia, the mine and town site were donated to the National Park Service by the Berwind Land Company in December 1985. This study includes information concerning the town's founding, evolution, and social history; the significance of the New River coal mining industry; and a discussion of aspects of mining history, including ethnicity of miners, mine safety, and unionization issues.

Most of the research was conducted during field trips to the Library of Congress and National Archives in Washington, D.C., and to West Virginia and the University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia, in May, June, and August 1986. Several people assisted in preparing this report. The author's thanks goes to Gene Cox, formerly of the New River Gorge National River staff, for opening his history files and supplying information. Dr. Fred Armstrong and the staff at the Department of Culture and History, Archives and History, in the Cultural Center in Charleston, West Virginia, provided research leads and sources. Dr. Kenneth Sullivan, editor Goldenseal, Chadeston, also provided research ideas and leads. Ruth Larison, formerly of the Rocky Mountain Region Library acquired countless secondary sources through interlibrary loan. Dr. Lou Athey of the Franklin & Marshall University, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, provided research materials as well as generous use of his Kay Moor study draft. Staff in the Manuscripts Department, Alderman Library at the University of Virginia, Charlottesville, aided with research in the Low Moor Iron Company collection. Norma Camarena, Denver Service Center, drew the historical base maps and Joan E. Huff typed the draft. A final thanks goes to National Park Service Chief Historian Edwin C. Bearss for his enthusiasm for Kay Moor.

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