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Kay Moor
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1873 —Purchase of Kay Moor property by Abiel Abbot Low of Low Moor Iron Company
1873 —Completion of Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad through the New River Gorge
1899 —Initial opening of Kay Moor No. 1 mine
1900 —First shipment of coal from Kay Moor No. 1 mine
1901 —Initial construction of employee housing at Kay Moor
1902 —Construction of employee housing
1903 —Opening of Kay Moor No. 2 mine
1905 —Construction of employee housing
1918-1919 —Construction of "New Camp"
1923 —United States Coal Commission investigation of Kay Moor
1924 —Fire destroyed tipple and other structures at Kay Moor No.1
1925 —Sale of Kay Moor complex to New River and Pocahontas Consolidated Coal and Coke Company
1926 —Construction of new processing plant at Kay Moor No. 1, Kay Moor No. 2 closed
1952 —Abandonment of Kay Moor Bottom, most residents moved out
1960 —Fire destroyed most of Kay Moor Bottom
1962 —Kay Moor No. 1 closed

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