Prince William Forest Park
Administrative History
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Archival Sources

National Archives, Alexandria, Virginia. Record Group 79.

National Archives, Washington, D. C. Record Group 79.

Prince William Forest Park Archive, Triangle, Virginia.

Prince William County School Board Archive, Independent Hill, Virginia. Record Book 1951—1952.

Suitland Record Center, Suitland, Maryland. Record Group 79. File Number 1460/1—10.

United States Marine Corps Archive. Division of Naval Facilities, Washington Navy Yard, Washington, D. C.

Government Documents

Unrau, Harlan D. and Williss, G. Frank. Administrative History: Expansion of the National Park Service in the 1930's. Denver, Colorado: Denver Service Center, National Park Service, 1983.

U. S. Department of Interior. Land Program Division of the National Park Service. Proposal No. R—3, Chopawamsic Demonstration Project, 1935.

U. S. Department of the Interior. Reprint edition of Park and Recreation Structures. Washington, D. C.: Government Printing Office, 1938.

U. S. Department of the Interior. Human Crop (movie), 1936. Copy at Prince William Forest Park Nature Center.

Secondary Sources

Ickes, Harold L. The Autobiography of a Curmudegon. New York: Reynolt and Hitchock, 1943.

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Periodic Literature

Manassas Messenger. 1 February 1949.

"Marines May Lose Land." Fredericksburg Free Lance Star, 2 August 1979.

"Quantico Honored for Safety Record." Journal Messenger, 20 July 1945.

The Washington Post. 14 January 1971.

Washington Daily News. 8 February 1971.

Personal Interviews

Amidon, Top. Town Councilman, Dumfries, Virginia. Interview, 10 July 1985.

Curtis, Christine. Former park employee, Dumfries, Virginia. Interview, 24 August 1985.

Curtis, Don. Local historian, Dumfries, Virginia. Interview, 24 August 1985.

Davenport, Ted. Retired Superintendent of Prince William Forest Park, Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Interview, 29 September 1985.

Gnadt, Charlton. Clerk of the Court of Prince William County, Manassas, Virginia. Interview, 10 July 1985.

Hebda, Joseph. Former park employee, Dumfries, Virginia. Interview, 2 July 1985.

Hebda, Thelma Williams. Former park employee, Dumfries, Virginia. Interview, 15 July 1985.

Lansing, Lee. Town Historian, Dumfries, Virginia. Interview, 15 July 1985.

Lykes, Ira B. Retired Superintendent, Prince William Forest Park. Venice, Florida. Interview, 4 September 1985.

Williams, Annie. Former resident in the park, Dumfries, Virginia. Interview, 10 July 1985.

Wirth, Conrad L. Former Director of the National Park Service. Kensington, Maryland. Interview, 30 August 1985.

Unpublished Manuscripts

McBride, Trudy. "Transcript of Interview with John Woodrow Taylor." Paper presented to Mary Washington College, 1985. Copy in Prince William Forest Park archive.

Consultations with Prince William Forest Park Staff

Harney, Robert L., Superintendent. 25 October 1985.

Keener, Marcia, Management Assistant. 5 November 1985.

Fugate, James, Facilities Manager. 13 November 1985.

Hoggard, Riley, Resource Manager. 13 November 1985.

Lane, Pat, Acting Chief of Interpretation. 10 December 1985.

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