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8 December 1967

From: Commandant, Marine Corps Schools
To: Commandant of the Marine Corps (Code COC)

Subj: Special Use Permit from Department of the Interior, NOy(R)-65477 for use of Interior Department Lands

Ref: (a) Meeting held at NAVFAC on 2 Nov 1967 concerning subject Interior Lands
(b) CMC ltr COH-2/jau of 25 Mar 1957

Encl: (1) Y&D Drawing No. 963997, showing MCS and subject Interior Lands (5 copies)

1. Reference (a) was held to discuss action required to acquire certain Interior Department lands which are currently under permit to Marine Corps Schools (MCS), Quantico, Virginia. It was determined that the need for these lands should be redefined in the format of reference (b).

2. In accordance with reference (a), the following data is furnished as a basis for justification of the need of MCS for the subject Interior lands:

a. Enclosure (1) is a copy of a map of MCS delineating the 4,862.36 acres presently used by MCS under the subject permit.

b. The major temporary improvements on this land are recreational facilities for Breckinridge Reservoir and a mess area for field troops near the intersection of MCS No. 1 and State Route No. 619. Permanent improvements include the Breckinridge Dam and Reservoir, which is the primary source of water for MCS, and a holding reservoir for the water prior to treatment for domestic use; a short section of Russell Road, which is the principal access route between mainside MCS and the Guadalcanal Area (MCS combat firing and maneuver area); and approximately five miles of new bituminous paved road designated as MCS No. 1. Total cost of these permanent and temporary improvements within this area is estimated to be $590,000.

c. The Breckinridge Dam and Reservoir mentioned previously was built in order to insure that sufficient quantities of water would be available to the MCS complex. All expansion plans for MCS, Marine Corps Air Station, and U.S. Naval Hospital have been made on the premise that this water would continue to be available. The present investment value of these facilities is $98 million.

d. The watershed for Breckinridge Reservoir consists of 18 square miles. Approximately 40 percent of this area is located on the subject Interior lands. The importance of this area to the MCS water supply is obvious.

e. The subject Interior lands are used for supplying and storing water intended for domestic use and as a training area for live firing of weapons and nonfiring training maneuvers.

f. Presently there are no plans for future construction within the subject Interior lands.

g. Future facilities planned for the MCS complex through Fiscal Year 1974 have a total dollar value of $36 million. These facilities will be dependent upon water that is obtained partially and stored completely within the subject Interior lands.

3. As evidenced by the above, the requirements of the subject Interior lands for training purposes and water supply and storage renders these lands essential to MCS in performing its mission.


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