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Chopawamsic Recreation Area
Virginia R-3

SUBMISSIONS: Offers Acreage Appraised Value Purchase Price AVERAGE
Previous11412,394.31 $180,140.36$138,438.88 $14.53$11.17
4/17/36128.00 583.00500.00 20.8217.86
TOTALS:11512,422.31 $180,723.36$138,938.88 $11.18

Maximum acreage - 15,000*
Maximum purchase price - $206,675*
Maximum average purchase price -

*Report - 3/15/36

Received March 25, 1936 by,
Homer B. Mask, Regional Director
Resettlement Administration
Raleigh, North Carolina
L. C. Gray, Assistant Administrator
Resettlement Administration
Received March 5, 1937 by,
Howard W. Siegil, Area Attorney
Land Acquisitions, RDA
National Park Service
William R. Hall, Project Manager
Chopawamsic Recreational
Demonstration Project
Tract No. Legal
File No.
Name Acreage Date
Paid For
1117G. B. Wallace306.612/11/36
2113W. W. Liming156.3511/22/35
3114W. W. Liming413/7/36
4116G. F. Weir63.57/2/36
5130B. F. Liming Estate1662/11/36
6112R. E. Lunsford10011/22/35
7107A. W. Embrey Estate734.386/11/36
8103J. E. Clark536.256/11/36
10118E. M. Young107.76/11/36
11106M. H. Didlake45.886/11/36
12108J. B. Florence320.702/19/37
13109H. H. Howard58.26/18/36
15101J. Amidon80.559/18/36
17115R. Waite51.219/18/36
20120Speake, Waters, Ratcliffe123.692/19/37
21122G. R. Ratcliffe11010/25/35
22121Brown & Hooff322.558/28/36
26124E. N. McInteer1083/4/36
28111G. B. Wallace312.592/11/36
29129A. Miller24.9610/19/36
30128Q. & B. Carney121.27/2/36
33133C. H. Walker10.416/11/36
34134W. T. Abel28.752/11/36
35135Williams, Carter & Antel62.27/2/36
36136E. Davis22.256/11/36
37139E. Bates59.492/19/37
40142E. P. Cato111.48Closed
41143E. P. Cato96.037/2/36
43138L. C. Brawner368/22/35
44144J. W. Liming34.259/10/35
45145C. D. Binns77.7010/21/36
46146J. Watson149.952/11/36
49162L. Johnson77.84/4/36
50159B. Tubbs110.611/22/35
51154D. Reid33.79/11/35
52148J. Burke83.1411/27/36
53155W. W. Payne280.4811/22/35
54158J. J. Tolson196.168/7/36
55151M. M. Murray107.39Closed
56156D. Riley2006/18/36
57150N. Ginn551/6/36
63163E. E. Easterbrook379.902/19/37
64164J. Miklas159.56Closed
66174G. R. Ratcliffe250.86/11/36
67173F. Tuell32.726/18/36
68172L. Williams4.336/11/36
71169H. Uram64.3410/19/36
73167H. Davis148.411/26/35
74166H. Early99.6711/6/36
75178N. Watson44.981/15/37
77176J. M. Taliaferro105.56/18/36
78165D. Carter410.778/28/36
79181W. W. Liming416/11/36
82184W. Jones53.576/11/36
83185Mrs. Lucy A. Carter156.549/18/36
84186M. Howard5.9711/6/36
85187W. S. Embrey148.561/15/37
86188L. Jones28.068/28/36
88189L. Wedding43.27Closed
90190Z. L. Ferguson73.169/26/35
91106AA. L. Clark1087/2/36
94197N. Tuell8.077/2/36
95191A. A. Davis29.562/19/37
96192H. T. Davies, Tr.577.2811/27/36
97193K. Tapscott58.858/28/36
102102AJ. J. Murphy59.158/28/36
106104AJ. A. Poland154.986/4/36
110112AL. V. Merrill64.918/28/36
111113AL. C. Brawner83.7711/27/36
112110AIssie Simms5.458/28/36
113111AC. A. Sinclair114.9410/19/36
1151200Rozier Woodyard89.5610/19/36
1221201Lucy Griffin4.862/19/37
1231202L. F. Merrill148.3010/19/36
1271206Cerena Miller184.82/19/37
1291208A. F. Liming21.571/15/37
1301207F. E. Briggs167.331/15/37
1311214Raymond Miller6.042/19/37
1321215Zeal Williams5.781/15/37
1421222Reuben Robinson40.212/19/37

Resettlement Administration Files
April 23, 1936

Options Purchased Under the
National Industrial Recovery Act of
June 16, 1933
(48 Stat. 1936)

LP-VA-6-160Cooper, Fred and Annie
LP-VA-6-163Easterbrook, E. E. and Mrs. and William
LP-VA-6-168Carney, Joseph
LP-VA-6-169Uram, Harry and Marie
LP-VA-6-170Barnes, Bernard, Adm. Barnes, Eppa Est.
LP-VA-6-171Barnes, Bernard, Adm. Barnes, Eppa Est.
LP-VA-6-178Watson, Richard and Flossie
Watson, Napoleon, Sr.
LP-VA-6-182Abel, Richard - Wedding, Mrs. L.
LP-VA-6-183Luckett, Mildred and Wallace
LP-VA-6-185Carter, Mrs. Lucy A.
LP-VA-6-186Nash, Herbert and Martha
LP-VA-6-187Embrey, W. S., Inc., A. T. Embrey, President
LP-VA-6-188Jones, Mrs. Laura
LP-VA-6-189Wedding, Lena and Lou
LP-VA-6-191Davis, Albert, Annie and Aada
LP-VA-6-192Hook, J. W. Est. - Davies, H. Thornton
LP-VA-6-194Carter, Mrs. Viola and James D.
LP-VA-6-198Klatt, Walter H.
LP-VA-6-199Briggs, E. M. and Sarah V.
LP-VA-6-101AThomas, Nannie
LP-VA-6-102AMurphy, J. J. and Martha A.
LP-VA-6-103ASmith, General
LP-VA-6-105AFlorence, John L.
LP-VA-6-108AKing, Mrs. Elizabeth
LP-VA-6-110AThe Plainfield Trust Company
LP-VA-6-101Amidon, Joseph and Mary
LP-VA-6-104Davis, T. Powell and Lena A.
LP-VA-6-105Didlake, T. E. and Lion, Thomas H.
LP-VA-6-108Florence, J. B. and May C.
LP-VA-6-110Lipscomb, Ernest and P. D. - Lion, T. H.
LP-VA-6-115Waite, Robert and Elizabeth
LP-VA-6-120Ratcliffe, G. Raymond and Lillians S. Waters, Ella C.
LP-VA-6-121Brown & Hooff - Hooff, Brum and L. A. & AA
LP-VA-6-123Leachman, William A.
LP-VA-6-125Nelson, James E.
LP-VA-6-126Scott, Elizabeth and John
LP-VA-6-127Williams, R. A.
LP-VA-6-129Miller, Andrew and Isaac L.
LP-VA-6-131Grayson, Samuel and Olive
LP-VA-6-132Liming, John W. and Ella R.
LP-VA-6-137Gasdek, Pete and Anna
LP-VA-6-139Bates, Elizabeth and Iron
LP-VA-6-140Bacca, John
LP-VA-6-141Wiscera, August and Josephine
LP-VA-6-145Binns, Charles D. and Frances S.
LP-VA-6-148Burke, John and Lillian H.
LP-VA-6-149Davis, Dallas and Kate A.
LP-VA-6-151Murray, M. M.
LP-VA-6-152Monutjoy, R. E. and Clara
LP-VA-6-153Mountjoy, R. E. and Clara
LP-VA-6-111APeoples National Bank
LP-VA-6-112AMerrill, L. V. and Ruth et al
LP-VA-6-113ABrawner, L. C. and Ida L.
LP-VA-6-114ARatcliffe, G. Raymon and L.

Note on Resettlement Office Files Each land document referenced with:

- File Number (Resettlement Office)
- Option Number
- Tract Number
- Name of Owner
- Number of Acres
- Legal File Number, same as at county court house

Resettlement Office File Numbers run from 1 to 197

Records processed by:

Phillip Dimon and
C. F. Clayton, Chief
Project Planning Section
Land Utilization Division
     sent to
S. P. Meyers, Chief
Land Title Section
General Counsel's Office

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