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October 15, 1962

In Reply Refer To:


To: Regional Director, National Capital Region

From: Superintendent, Prince William Forest Park

Subject: Report of Non-Federal Lands in this Park

Immediately upon receipt of advice from Mr. Rowell last Wednesday that The House Committee on Appropriations had requested a report from each Park to show the non- federal acreage, estimated value, and number of land owners, we started collecting data to assemble the attached report. This report represents all land owners of record within the exterior boundaries of this Park. Park Ranger Daugherty spent about three days collecting the data from the land office in Manassas, and Park Naturalist McCutchen assisted him one day. With the constant subdividing which has taken place during the past few years, our records of the original tracts were out of date.

It will be noted that the present inholdings total 271; and the total acreage is 1,687.85.

The estimated cost was arrived at through discussions with local real estate dealers, appraisals made by county officials for tax assessment purposes, and our own knowledge of real estate sales. In some instances the estimated values were purely a guess, as time would not permit a personal inspection of each of the tracts involved.

L. T. Davenport


[Reprint from Original]

School (Washington Reid)7.40$175,000
Bertha Burke3.002,200
Charles W. Davis6.838,000
Fannie H. Cole10.005,200
Margaret Peace.504,400
Constance Reid & Joan Johnson, Jr.1.007,600
Henry L. and Violet Early2.5518,600
Leroy & E. M. Bullock2.0016,400
J. E. Chapman Estate6.001,800
Julia Cole Estate19.002,400
Albert Cole Estate19.001,600
M. & J. H. Moore17.751,600
Charles S. Johnson20.0023,800
George L. & Lucille V. Wilson1.0022,400
Harold & Barbara Dyke Lowe3.37800
Herbert W. & Dorothy Seelen16.603,000
George L. & Lucille V. Wilson15.602,800
Harry D. & Betty R. Wilson16.603,000
James N. Johnson172.1526,200
Richard G. & G. B. Starkey13.952,400
Elmer C. & Rosie A. Redman.50800
W. H. & T. I. Lawhorne12.255,400
Ruth Redman3.751,000
B. E. Sisson & Frank Badalson82.8140,000
Gerald E. & Gloria Bankenbush1.0013,000
Robert Taylor15.252,000
John & Bertie D. Cebula1.00800
John Cebula1.0016,000
Nick Katsarelis1.82800
Old School Baptist Church.50500
Walter Greenwood Estate40.00700
H. A. & Oliva Carter6.8914,600
Marshall C. & Ollie E. Hummer1.00800
Howard D. Levine1.00800
Freeman R. Bradford26.0015,000
Clara Thomas9.908,800
Charles Thomas.352,600
Ethel & Herman Porter.39500
John & Sarah Thomas.562,600
Annie Thomas Reid.562,600
Annie Thomas Reid.232,600
M. A. Brown Moller.50500
M. A. Brown Moller9.834,400
J. B. May Estate.502,600
Mary Elizabeth King Estate24.008,400
M. A. Brown Moller2.00800
M. F. Davis3.501,400
Andrew & Beulah V. Watson4.251,400
Walter Flory1.42500
Clifton Samuel & Edna Marie King5.0048,000
J. Eldridge Johnson1.0010,600
Rowell C. Baker Estate4.001,800
Harry Miller5.118,800
Frederick Finley Liming.25400
Fred F. Liming2.009,800
William R. & Muriel L. Fouts1.049,600
Lloyd B. & Estelle Stanley Liming1.08500
Harvey L. Timmons2.00800
William W. & Fannie L. Liming.03400
William W. & Fannie L. Liming.253,400
Flossie Cole1.50600
John D. & Lucille Moore.507,000
John D. & Lucille Moore (2 lots)1.009,600
Lloyd F. & Mary E. Barker6.005,200
Gene T. & Irene Sisson Cornwell1.007,800
John W. Liming12.634,800
Harold Liming3.561,800
John W. & Ella Milky Liming.9513,200
Harold Liming1.00400
Ruby Liming Davidson.50400
Ruby Liming Davidson.5012,200
John W. Liming, Jr..5014,800
Fred F. Liming5.002,000
Julia Williams12.5010,800
William D. Carter16.0016,500
Samuel D. Grayson33.6023,600
Esler O. & Florence L. Slingerland4.2219,800
Garuel Bates.15400
James E. Anderson.52400
Elnoria & Leroy Bowman.507,000
Henrietta & Dan Nash.506,200
Helen Bates.082,600
Helen Bates.027,800
Rosie Lee Kendall.043,400
Elsie Queen.504,400
J. L. Williams & D. Kendall1.62800
Thelma Williams Lucas1.247,000
Leroy H. Horne.5112,000
James Matthew Williams & Lillian Nash.503,200
Lillian Nash.1510,400
Lillian Nash.2111,400
Hilda Howard1.35600
C. & C. Dove.50400
Hazel Williams.481,000
Phennie Williams12.5618,000
James A. Ferrell2.0017,400
John H. Steed & Bessie Mays.9313,000
Ruby Williams1.5012,400
Florence Johnson1.4910,600
Bernice & James Howard.255,200
Lula Mae Ferrell.507,800
William Culley1.005,000
George H. & Lottie A. Lawhorne.503,400
Samuel & Martha Bell.503,400
Irvine Jackson1.0010,200
Howard Ira and Amita L. Williams.9121,000
Jerry Williams.91400
James Matthew Williams.414,400
James Matthew Williams.5011,000
Georgia Chapman.5015,200
Martha Cole.257,800
James M. Williams.7315,400
Mack & Colonial Lucas.507,200
Robert & Mary B. Johnson1.0015,400
Robert Johnson.3711,400
William M. & Idea L. Martin.9421,000
Laura Porter.501,600
Laura Porter.23500
William L. Artis et ux1.00500
Preston Williams6.373,500
Zeal Williams.50500
Paulion & Sadie Johnson.5010,000
Landon Bates1.00500
Willie Abel1.002,600
Walter Bates1.0011,400
Hester & Gary P. Lewis.5010,500
Addle Bates.298,000
Raymond Riynds.21300
Oliver Odell Johnson1.005,000
Morris Ira & Linder Irene Howard.505,500
Morris Ira & Linder Irene Howard.325,000
George F. & Mary E. Ferrell4.9615,000
Reuben W. Abel1.001,000
Robert G. & Vernice F. Kirk23.2522,200
Herman S. & Peal V. Rose7.753,500
Powie M. & Daisy M. Johnson7.7510,000
Beulah Pearson1.505,000
Hubert R. & Lavern V. Johnson.508,000
Harvey Williams7.758,000
Roger & Bertha Ferrell.256,800
Laura Reid Estate.506,000
Leona & Floyd Thomas et als.136,600
Wesley E. Johnson.536,600
Floyd D. Johnson.50350
Charles Claywood & Maureen Porter, Jr..347,600
Charles H. & Frances S. Williams.507,800
Mazerine Chapman.31400
Phennie Williams.64400
Lloyd M. Johnson.507,800
Lester M. Johnson.50400
Avedis & Laura H. Soghoian3.5011,400
Paul Terembes, Jr..508,000
Medford R. Cosner3.896,200
V. S. Abel6.0012,200
V. S. Abel et als4.8010,600
Laura Porter1.38600
Jack & Lula Thomas42.5012,500
Annie Davis Estate3.001,500
Henry Bates40.0017,600
Church (Batestown).5010,000
Tazewell Bates9.2511,400
Wallace Reid.50400
Clifton Bates1.00350
Clifton Bates1.006,000
Willie & Aline Cole2.00900
Pearl Olivia Bates1.00400
French N. & Gracie Bates1.00400
Alder & Anna May Reid2.00800
Laura Ann Porter1.001,600
Cline & Angeline Bates2.00800
Richard & Laura Reid1.0013,400
Richard & Laura Reid1.00400
Christine Walker1.007,000
Dora R. Popel Gebo2.00800
Kate M. Keys69.3424,500
A. & Virginia M. Reynolds1.008,000
Harold F. Smith.20350
Harold F. Smith.20350
Harold F. Smith.20350
Harold F. Smith.20350
Harold F. Smith.28350
R. L. & B. Debruhl.2316,600
Aubrey M. Winfree1.0019,400
James Davis Estate15.003,200
Augustus Cole5.001,500
John A. & Myrtle K. Adair2.0021,000
John A. & Myrtle K. Adair1.00350
Mary Elizabeth King Estate34.0017,000
Mary L. Garrison Estate15.006,000
Fannie Irdella Cole76.0020,000
Maggie M. Mills40.0012,000
Dora R. Gebo.88300
Leonard L. Lonas, Jr.5.06300
Fannie S. & William E. Lloyd.501,000
Leonard L. Lonas, Jr.18.765,000
Daniel Cole19.005,000
Amanda Newman19.005,000
Kyle Williams Estate17.817, 000
George Frank Carter.247,800
Ruby Jane Williams Humphries1.006,400
Lottie Carter4.7610,600
William G. & Jane Virginia Hogan6.9730,000
Lillian Nash May.50500
Debbie Miller & Gene B. Jeffrey.80300
Debbie Miller & Gene B. Jeffrey1.0010,000
Harvey L. Timmons36.7020,600
H. E. & R. L. Davidson2.5027,200
Edna M. and David M. Peel1.10600
Martha Virginia Peel1.207,000
Edna Marie King.60350
William E. & Edna Marie Snyder2.0022,000
Alaska & Victoria M. Reynolds2.7816,600
DeWayne W. Hoffert et als.61400
Wallace & Carol P. Wessel.4630,600
J. E. Barron.5026,400
Donald L. & Shirley A. Fogg.5327,200
Andrew P. & Eleanor R. Boquet.7126,400
Joseph B. & Cedelia B. Lieb.6621,000
J. E. Barron1.0454,400
William Howard & Thelma I. Lawhorne4.0021,200
George E. & Virginia L. Mouzakis.7131,800
Mary Alice Brown58.0030,400
Martha Cole Bates.3411,400
John A. & Ruth A. Holloway9.055,000
John A. & Pearl W. Franklin14.4015,800
Margaret P. Wray.4615,800
French R. & Cleo Bates2.258,000
Grace P. Tate.5015,800
Carroll F. Lillian Porter.4714,200
Mary Alice Brown Moller7.782,500
Dewitt & Gladys Bates.658,000
Fisher Bates7.003,000
Leonard Lonas, Jr.23.4510,500
Robert Bates Estate11.3510,200
W. T. Johnson, Jr.1.001,800
S. & Mary Coles1.00400
Lemuel Welford Kyer1.13500
Ruth E. Carter12.0018,400
Henrietta & Lloyd A. Spence.25350
Katie Chinn.2512,400
Thomas Ora Johnson5.002,000
John Kendall3.049,600
Henrietta Henderson.187,800
Henrietta Henderson.18400
T. W. Hardy4.701,800
James E. Thomas1.00500
James W. Sarah Winfield Kendall.507,800
George Kidd & Bennie J. Covington.60400
Noah Bates Estate15.007,000
Archie Bates Estate13.255,200
Thomas Hardy.5011,400
Lula Thomas.503,400
Samuel & Ethel Reid1.507,400
Roena Reid.508,600
Wyoma Thomas.50400
George & Louise Buckner.2516,400
Maria L. Johnson Estate.25400
Th by Bates2.006,200
Marjorie Reid Estate12.004,200
V. S. Abel et als.50400
E. H. Williams Estate5.986,200
Joseph F. & Thelma W. Hebda4.7717,600
William Burwell1.00400
Wolfe Thomas Estate4.003,600
Charles E. & Reece M. Williams4.008,000
Lewis L. Butler40.007,200
Alfred Bolognese3.6241,200
Robert West5.869,200
Willie G. Thomas.516,400
Eula Holmes15.50
Total1,687.85$ 2,322,750

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