The Excavation and Repair of Betatakin
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Appendix I

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28With such irregularities of masonry as occur to Betatakin and with such a pronounced slope as that on which the village was constructed it follows that these room measurements are more or less arbitrary. No two observers will get identical results unless, by chance, their respective tapes are stretched between the same identical building stones. In the present instance the measurements given were taken as near the floor as possible, with these exceptions: "T" denotes one made at the top of the wall; "B," one made at its base; "e" identifies an estimated dimension. Ceiling heights were taken between the floor and the principal beams, usually 4 to 6 inches in diameter; not to the lesser poles supported by those beams.

The writer confesses with sincere regret that some of his room measurements were rendered illegible when the notebook recording them was thoroughly soaked during the snowstorm of May 31—a loss discovered too late for correction.

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