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Reptiles and Amphibians of the monument

This checklist names reptiles and amphibians that have been seen, or that should occur, according to range maps and distribution records in important reference works, in the monument. Four of these species are found only in the Tucson Mountain Section; they are: desert iguana, desert horned lizard, western shovel-nosed snake, and sidewinder. An asterisk marks those species most commonly seen in the daytime.

The desert (D) habitat is the rather flat or gently rolling terrain below 3,200 feet in elevation, as seen in the vicinity of the visitor center and the Cactus Forest Drive, and in the north and west portions of the Tucson Mountain Section.

The foothills (F) habitat includes the area above 3,200 feet where the land becomes quite rocky and begins to ascend rather sharply on the Cactus Forest Drive and along Hohokam Road in the Tucson Mountain Section.

The mountain (M) habitat is restricted to the Rincon Mountains above an elevation of 6,500 feet where one finds tall trees.

common namescientific namehabitat

toads and frogs
Colorado River ToadBufo alvariusDF
Great Plains ToadBufo cognatusD

Red-spotted ToadBufo punctatusDF
Woodhouse's ToadBufo woodhouseiDFM
Couch's SpadefootScaphiopus couchiDF
Western SpadefootScaphiopus hammondiDFM
Canyon TreefrogHyla arenicolor
Leopard FrogRana pipiensDFM

*Desert TortoiseGopherus agassiziDF
Western Box TurtleTerrapene ornataDF
Sonora Mud TurtleKinosternon sonorienseDFM
Spiny SoftshellTrionyx feroxD

Banded GeckoColeonyx variegatusDF
Desert IguanaDipsosaurus dorsalisD

Lesser Earless LizardHolbrookia maculataDF
Greater Earless LizardHolbrookia texanaDF
*Zebra tailed LizardCallisaurus draconoidesDF
*Collared LizardCrotaphytus collarisDF
Leopard LizardCrotaphytus wislizeniiDF
Short-horned LizardPhrynosoma douglassi
Desert Horned LizardPhrynosoma platyrhinosD

Regal Horned LizardPhrynosoma solareDF
*Sideblotched LizardUta stansburianaDF
*Tree LizardUta ornataDFM
*Desert Spiny LizardSceloporus magisterDF
Clark's Spiny LizardSceloporus clarkiDFM
Eastern Fence LizardSceloporus undulatus
*Western WhiptailCinemidophorus tigrisDF
Spotted WhiptailCnemidophorus sackiDF
Arizona Alligator LizardGerrhonotus kingi

*Great Plains SkinkEumeces obsoletusDF
*Gila MonsterHeloderma suspectumDF

Western Blind SnakeLeptotyphlops humilisDF
Arizona Coral SnakeMicruroides euryxanthusDFM
Regal Ringnecked SnakeDiadophis regalis
Western Hognose SnakeHeterodon nasicusDF
Spotted Leaf-nosed SnakePhyllorhynchus decurtatusDF
Saddled Leaf-nosed SnakePhyllorhynchus browniDF
CoachwhipMasticophis flagellumDF
Sonora WhipsnakeMasticophis bilineatusDFM
Western Patch-nosed SnakeSalvadora hexalepisDF
Mountain Patch-nosed SnakeSalvadora grahamiae

Glossy SnakeArizona elegansDF
Gopher SnakePituophis eateniferDFM
Common KingsnakeLampropeltis getulusDF
Sonora Mountain KingsnakeLampropeltis pyromelana

Long-nosed SnakeRhinocheilus leconteiDF
Black-necked Garter SnakeThamnophis cyrtopsis
Mexican Garter SnakeThamnophis equesD

Checkered Garter SnakeThamnophis marcianusDF
Western Ground SnakeSonora semiannulataDF
Western Shovel-nosed SnakeChionactis occipitalisD

Banded Sand SnakeChilomeniscus cinctusDF
Mexican Black-headed SnakeTantilla atricepsDF
Plains Black-headed SnakeTantilla nigricepsDF
Sonora Lyre SnakeTrimorphodon lambdaDF
Night SnakeHypsiglena torquataDFM
Western Diamondback RattlesnakeCrotalus atroxDF
SidewinderCrotalus cerastesD

Black-tailed RattlesnakeCrotalus molossus
Tiger RattlesnakeCrotalus tigris
Mohave RattlesnakeCrotalus scutulatusDF
Arizona Black RattlesnakeCrotalus viridis cerberus

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