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Appendix—Common and Scientific Names of Plants

This list of common names and their scientific (Latin) equivalents includes only those plants in the monument that are mentioned in the next. With minor exceptions, authority for the scientific names of all plants and for the common names of all plants except trees is the second edition (1942) of Standardized Plant Names, edited by Harlan P. Kelsey and William A. Dayton. Authority for common names of trees is Check List of Native and Naturalized Trees of the United States (Including Alaska), by Elbert L. Little, Jr., (U.S. Department of Agriculture Handbook No. 41, published in 1953).


Bluestem, little—Andropogon scoparius
Buffalograss—Buchloe dactyloides
Gramma, blue—Bouteloua gracilis
Gramma, sideoats—Bouteloua curtipendula
Needle-and-thread—Stipa comata
Sandreed, prairie—Calamovilfa longifolia
Sedge, threadleaf—Carex filifolia
Wheatgrass, bluestem—Agropyron smithi


Boxelder—Acer negundo
Buffaloberry, silver—Shepherdia argentea
Chokecherry, Common —Prunus virginiana
Cottonwood, plains—Populus sargentii
Elm, American—Ulmus americana
Juniper, Rocky Mountain—Juniperus scopulorum


Crazyweed, Lambert—Oxytropis lamberti
Erysimum, plains—Erysimum asperum
Euphorbia, snow-on-the-mountain—Euphorbia marginata
Evening-primrose, tufted—Oenothera caespitosa
Fleabane, fernleaf—Erigeron compositus
Globemallow, scarlet—Sphaeralcea coccinea
Loco—Astragalus missouriensis
Mariposa, segolily—Calochortus nuttallii
Pasqueflower, American—Anemone ludoviciana
Penstemons—Penstemon sp.
Phlox, Hoods—Phlox hoodi
Prairie-coneflower, upright—Ratibida columnaris
Prickly pear, common—Opuntia vulgaris
Rose, Fendler woods—Rosa woodsi fendleri
Starlily, common—Leucocrinum montanum
Sweetclover, white—Melilotus alba
Sweetclover, yellow—Melilotus officinalis
Thermopsis, prairie—Thermopsis rhombifolia
Violet, Canada—Viola canadensis
Yarrow, western—Achillea lanulosa


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