Nature Notes

Vol. IX December, 1931 No. 12

Help Wanted

This plea is being "broadcast" via NATURE NOTES in the hope that it may, somewhere, strike a few responsive chords. We need help - plenty of it - in amassing material, particularly of an historic nature, that will enable us to more fully portray those features of interest relative to the park in our museum.

Those of you who have visited the park will know that our museum is the old administration building which has been remodeled to more adequately serve its new purpose. Through the courtesy of the Washington State Museum much material has been loaned for display. Other interested persons have also come to our rescue and have given freely of their time, their talents and their knowledge in developing particular features of natural history interest. The historical side of our park's story, however, has been sadly neglected and the museum sorely needs objects of historic interest, photographs etc. pertaining to this region.

That Mount Rainier deserves to have, in its museum or in its files, all such material pertinent to its historic past is self evident. Such material, of course, to be of greatest value must be exhibited and seen by the visiting public. Nor will such material lack for attention here in the displays conducted by Ranger-Naturalists in our museum at Longmire, at Paradise, Sunrise or other points of public contact throughout the park. Consider the fact that over 0,000 visitors from all over the country, as well as many from foreign shores, enjoyed the museum and natural history exhibits during the past year. Then consider how much more valuable some historic object or photo, portraying the park's development, would be here on display rather than in some obscure corner where it not only is of no public value but also serves to "clutter things up" in your home as well.

There are no funds available for accumulation by purchase of such materials. We are therefore dependent upon the good will and interest of those of you who possess such material. So we are frankly asking you if you are possessed of anything of historic interest pertaining to this park that you loan or donate such possessions to our museum. Thousands of people will then enjoy them. Or if you are not possessed of such material, but know of someone who is, that you pass this word to your friend.

We realize that there may be photos or objects of too great sentimental value to be either loaned or donated. But perhaps you would not object to our borrowing them for such time as is necessary to make photographic records. If so let us hear about it. You may rest assured that such help will be appreciated and, if our museum grows from the seeds which are sown by this request we will be firmly of the opinion that there IS a Santa Claus!


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