Nature Notes

Vol. VIII July 1st, 1930 No. 7

Just Here and There

During the month our attention was called to the nest of a Sooty Grouse and several photos were taken of the hen upon her nest who seemed not in the least perturbed at the preparations and paraphernalia that the process demanded. The nest was upon the ground beneath a down log and well shielded by a tangle of bushes. We intended getting a series of photos but one morning when we returned in the hope of finding a few chicks to photograph we found instead that the nest had been destroyed, egg sheels scatterred about in confusion and the hen among the mising. Some animal prowler had discovered the nest also. The "survival of the fittest" is certainly the law of the wild yet the Blue Grouse are very numerous here and seem to be on the increase.

Fawns are also very much in evidence now. Several Does with twins have been noted -- one family causing a great deal of interest on the part of motorists who stopped at Ricksacker Point for a moment near where this particular wild mother and her children were found. The past light winter favored our deer and all these animals seem to be in excellent condition.

One of our Raccoons, which we have been feeding all winter, has finally become trusting enough to come boldly through the door to take food from our hand. He has been spoiled though -- being rather doubtful whether bread, as his reward for such a risk, is worth the effort. Yet a piece of cake brings him in every time!

Bears? The weeds are full of them! They seem to be more numerous than ever before. One, at Narada Falls made a good job of stowing away a fine looking lunch before he could be forcefully persuaded to leave the car in which said lunch was found. Moral: Don't park cars unattended along roads if they contain food! Many bears "headquarter" in vicinity of the garbage cans in back of the kitchens of the hotels, camps and government mess halls.

Ranger Carl Tice reported suprising a Cougar near his station at Lake George. The Cougar, in the act of putting distance between himself and Carl, broke through the snow that lay on the timber and thus made his presence known.


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