Nature Notes

Vol. VIII July 1st, 1930 No. 7

A Wandering Seagull

Paradise Valley is visited by "Dudes" and "Sagebrushers" as they are called in in the book, "Oh Ranger!" while Rangers and "Savages" -- again quoting from "Oh Ranger!" -- have their abode here during the summer. But the other day we had a new comer.

On the morning of June 26th one of the men from the Photo Shop rushed in and said they were betting on the identity of a bird that had just alighted on a pile of crushed rock, some claiming that it was a Sea Gull. We walked over to investigate and found that sure enough it was a Sea Gull. Upon our approach the bird took flight but soon retured again to the pile of crushed rock -- a process that was repeated each time anyone attempted to get near our visitor. No doubt that rock pile felt good to the bird's feet for it was the nearest thing to a gravely beach in the vicinity. No doubt if we could have turned some water on the gravel pile he would have been happier though, no doubt, he was thinking only of those luscious clams on the shores of Puget Sound from whence he had come.

Charles Browne, Park Ranger.

Puget Sound is but a scant thirty five or forty miles "as the seagull flies" from Paradise Valley. Each summer one or two of these well known birds pay a visit to this region where they attract great deal of attention in contrast to others of the birds that make this sort of country their home.


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