Nature Notes

Vol. VIII May, 1930 No. 5

Goin' Fishin'?

All followers of Izaak Walton will be interested to know that the fishing season opens in Mt. Rainier Nat'l Park this month -- in the streams on May 1st. and in the lakes on May 15th. No lisence is required for fishing in Park waters and the season, catch limit etc. is subject to the jurisdiction of the National Park Service.

The fish to be found here include the Eastern Brook, Rainbow, Montana Blackspot, Cuttroat and Dolly Varden trout. In general fishing is better early and late in the season in the streams when they are free from the glacial flour which makes them murky. This glacial flour is pulverized rock caused by the grinding action of the glaciers. Mid-season finds the lakes the best locality in which to try fisherman's luck.

About Nature Notes

We sincerely appreciate the interest taken in Mt. Rainier Nature Notes during the past year, as evinced by the numerous letters received and the continual flow of requests to be placed upon the mailing list. In fact this list is now assuming such proportions that it is taxing to the utmost our equipment, funds and facilities.

Consequently, as has been our custom in the past at this time, we are including in this issue a "renewal blank" in order that all, who find these notes of interest or of help, may request that they be retained as reciprocants of this publication. It is essential -- even to those who have just recently signified that they would like Nature Notes regularly -- that this blank be filled out and mailed as directed. curled page edge Those who are not heard from in the specified time will be discontinued with this issue. In that manner we hope to be able to send Nature Notes to as many interested people as possible.

We are anxious to become of the greatest service possible in this manner and want everyone to feel free in making suggestions or in calling our attention to any errors that may creep in these lines. "The Mountain" is a region of vast interest to all lovers of the out doors and it is a pleasure to tell you about it.

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