Nature Notes

Vol. VIII January, 1930 No. 1

Your Mt. Rainier Book Shelf

About a year ago we included in Nature Notes a list of publications which one could read in order to get a broader knowledge of "The Mountain" if one cared to visit the library in search of such information. There has been a great deal written about Mt. Rainier but we publish a condensed list at this time for any who are interested.

Judson -- Myths and Legends of the Pacific N. W. (p.74-80)
Kane, F.J. -- Picturesque America, Its Parks and Playgrounds.
Meaney, E. S. -- Mt. Rainier - A Record of Exploration.
Russell -- Volcanoes of North America (p. 241 - 5)
Russell -- Glaciers of North America (p. 62 - 67
Schmoe, F. W. -- Our Greatest Mountain.
Williams -- The Mountain that was God.

The following publications, if not available at your public library can be procured from the Supt. of Documents, Washington, D. C. for the small cost listed below.

Topographic Map of Mt. Rainier Nat'l Park -- U.S.G.S. (10¢)
Mt. Rainier and Its Glaciers -- Matthes. (15¢)
Flora of Mt. Rainier Nat'l Park -- Flett. (25¢)
Forests of Mt. Rainier Nat'l Park -- Allen, (20¢)
Mammals and Birds of Mt. Rainier -- Taylor and Shaw. (85¢)
National Park Portfolio - R. S. Yard. ($1.00)
Glimpses of our National Parks -- R. S. Yard. (30¢)
Circular of General Information. (15¢)

THE EDUCATIONAL SERVICE IN OTHER NATIONAL PARKS: Many requests have been received lately regarding the Educational work in other Nat'l Parks. The six parks that, at present, have permanant Park Naturalists are Yellowstone (Dorr Yaeger), Yosemite (Bert Harwell), Glacier (Dr. G. C. Ruhle), Grand Canyon (Edward McKee), Sequoia (Frank Been) and Mt. Rainier. Educational Headquarters for all Parks are at 213 Hilgard Hall Berkeley, Calif. -- Mr. Ansel Hall being Chief Naturalist. Information regarding any of our 21 National Parks may be obtained by addressing the Superintendent of the Park in question.

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