Nature Notes

Vol. VI September 1, 1928 No. 5

Your Mount Rainier Bookshelf


The long winter evenings are conducive of further study of the natural features of this National Park and its great Mountain. Perhaps you who have paid us a visit would like to re-acquaint yourself with these features or delve further into the interesting history of this region. Ranger Naturalists Charles Landes, assisted by the Seattle and Tacoma libraries, has prepared a bibliography of Mount Rainier National Park, part of which is printed in this issue of Nature News Notes. The complete form is available to any one desiring it. Write the Naturalist, Mount Rainier National Park, Ashford, Washington, if you desire a copy.


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U. S. National Park Service. Features of the Flora of Mount Rainier. J. B. Flett. 1922. 25 cents.

U. S. National Park Service. Forests of Mount Rainier National Park. G. F. Allen. 1922. 20 cents.

U. S. National Park Service. Mammals and Birds of Mount Rainier. W. P. Taylor and W. T. Shaw. 1927. 85 cents.

U. S. National Park Service. Mount Rainier and Its Glaciers. F. E. Matthes. 1922. 15 cents.

The Topographic Map of Mount Rainier National Park. 10 cents.


As the evenings become cooler--heralding the approach of the early winter snows--Mother Nature seems to have marshalled her forces in one last demonstration of beauty.

The full moon, a great golden disc, rises majestically each night from behind the rugged Tatoosh Range, illuminating the landscape with its incadescent glow--nature's farewell to our visitors who are enjoying the last days of the waning 1928 season.

Moonlight on the Tatoosh Range

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