Nature Notes

Vol. VI July 1st, 1928 Summer Season No. 1


Fawns also seem quite abundant in the lower valleys this spring. Two sets of twins were noted yesterday. One family group, a mother doe and her two spotted fawns, was seen on the Trail of the Shadows not far from the Government Office at Longmire Springs and the other was seen along the highway near Tahoma Creek. Several tracks no larger than this sketch of deer print have been seen on other trails. The fawn crop would appear to be heavy.

Last week we climbed to the summit of The Ramparts to determine the cause of the death of several clumps of white pine that have been reported. Glasses were taken along in the hope of securingSatulicktes on the bands of goat that annually winter on Satuluck Point across the Kautz Canyon. We are particularly anxious to secure definite dates as to the time of birth and the usual numbers of White Goat kids.

Apparently the goats have moved to higher pastures following the edge of the retreating snow, as we saw no sign of them on their winter range.

Last Sunday, Mr. C. H. Short of the survey crew climbed to the summit of Mount Wow, 5,400 feet. In a grassy meadow strewn with snowbanks he reported seeing a hand of twenty goat which contained two small kids, apparently less than a month old.


The Naturalist was witness yesterday to a battle royal between a David and Golieth of the local wilderness. Golieth won, thereby reversing the precedent set so many years ago on the plains of Judeah, but little David put up a game fight.

The odds were against him, decidedly so, for it was a fight between a bear and an ant. A very little bear and a very big ant, but nevertheless hardly an even match. Teddy, a twenty pound black bear cub, was basking on the office porch. Having recently enjoyed a very satisfactory bout with the Naturalist's boot, he was yearning for new worlds to conquer. The ant, a huge black warrior, thought he was a mountain and strolled past his shaggy base. Golieth saw him and his mouth watered by David objected to being eaten. He bit Golieth on the nose. Golieth bowled him over with his paw but David lit running. It took several sound slaps to take the fight out of him and make him submit meekly to being ate.

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