Nature Notes

Vol. IV October 1, 1926 No. 12


Betty is the brown bear with the three little cubs. Late in July the cubs were large and strong enough to be taken on long trips, so one day we were not surprised when the little family appeared in Paradise valey, four miles up the trail and 2,000 feet higher in elevation. As soon as she was first reported (by an auto tourist whose camp she had raided), we began to keep a sharp lookout for her, hoping that we could secure some good motion pictures of the family in action.

In asked the caretaker in the auto camp to let me know the next time she appeared and I did not have to wait long. Only a few days later she was back raiding camps again - even though she had been driven off the first time with stones, and as soon as the caretaker called me and said that Betty was in camp again I hurried down there - but I was too late.


She had already had her fill of food and had retired to the edge of the woods. Here she had put the cubs up a tree and lay down at the foot to guard them. When I first approached she came slowly toward me with swaying head and low grunts until she was some forty feet away, then with a loud "Woof, woof" she charged. I knew Betty however, and although I felt like doing so I did not run. At ten feet she stopped, glared at me a moment, then turned back to the tree. Presently she started off slowly through the woods and the cubs, taking the cue immediately, scrambled down and went racing after her.

For an hour I followed them at a safe distance observing their feeding habits and watching the cubs play and fight, while their mother tore the bark off every dead tree or fallen log and licked up the ants and grubs that she found there, but she never came out into the open where I could get the picture I wanted.

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