Nature Notes

Vol. II August 20, 1924 No. 9

By Park Ranger P. M. Fogg

Three new exhibits have recently been installed in the office of the Park Naturalist at Paradise Valley, all of which are attracting considerable attention from the large number of tourists who visit the office daily. One of these is a full-grown cougar mounted, shot by a U. S. Ranger last April, a few miles from Longmire Springs. This is now enclosed in a glass-front case where it elicits many an exclamation of wonder from those who gaze upon the life-like form. The general impression that the cougar, or mountain lion is a dangerous beast, ready to attack people at sight, is an error, for the cougar or mountain lion is a coward and may be treed by a dog without difficulty. It would much prefer to stalk and kill a deer than to take chances with a man.

Another of the new exhibits, a collection of about 150 Indian arrowheads and other implements of the red man, is mounted in a wall case. Various stages in the manufacture of the arrowheads are shown. Many of the specimens are especially attractive owing to the veins of color in the stones.

Very few of such relics are found on Mount Rainier. The Indians apparently did not live on the mountain, but came up only to hunt. The collection was obtained from localities in the northwestern section of the United States.

The very latest addition to the Naturalist's growing Museum is a case containing pressed flowers, mounted on swinging folios. This is not yet complete, specimens of some of the earlier varieties not being obtainable at this advanced stage in the season. However, there are enough kinds of Paradise Valley's flora to present a very creditable display, and others will be added from time to time. The case also contains photographs of local interest, among which are views of the ice caves beneath Paradise glacier, recently opened to visitors for the first time in a number of years. These caves attract many tourists. It is planned to add photographs of the Park's birds and animals to the exhibit at as early a date as possible.

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