Nature Notes

Vol. II July 1, 1924 No. 3


Relief was felt by everyone a few weeks ago when the little brown cub deserted by its mother a year ago retunred to the Evans camp. Nearly in April the mother bear with her black cub made her appearance but the little brown fellow had not been heard of since his sudden disappearance on the sixteenth of last September. It was feared that he had been lost in some manner but apparently the little nine-months old cub found shelter for the winter and came through in good shape. The family is complete again although not reunited.

As this is being written at Longmire, the two yearling elk given the Park recently through the efforts of Mr. Kenney and Mr. Hodge of the State Game Commission are feeding on the flat near the hotel and a two year buck with a fine set of horns is browsing on the edge of the woods. Deer seem to be one the increase in the Park.

A week ago a doe with two fawns was seen near Van Trump Park. The mother had concealed her twins in the underbrush and was standing guard over them.

Young snowshoe rabbtis and hald-grown ruffled grouse are very much in evidence around Longmire. Dusky grouse and ptarmigan chicks are busy hunting bugs among the snowdrifts in the high valleys.


The height of the spring flower season comes above 5000 feet while snow still covers much of the country. Sunny slopes have been bare for two weeks and are a mass of white and yellow avalanche lilies, Red-Indian pain-brush, western anemonies, blue lupine, yellow potentilla and buttercups, red and yellow mimulus, shooting star and marsh marigolds, while lower down the Squaw grass lines the road and in the forests Alpine beauties, forest anemonies, Canadian dogwood, birds-foot bramble, twin flower and pyrola add color to the rich greens and browns of the dense woods.


Nature Guide Service including lectures, information service, museum, reference library and field trips is now under way both at Longmire Springs and Paradise Valley. The naturalist or Nature Guide in charge is always glad to be of any possible service to our guests.

Copies of this bulletin issued from week to week may be had by writing or callint at any of the information offices. If you are particularly interested in our field, we will be glad to palce you on your mailing list.

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