Nature Notes

Vol. II May - - 1924 No. 2

Museum Notes.

The Nature Guide Service museum, which was started last season, is growing fast this spring. Some fine relics of the local indians are promised us by Ranger Harold Hall and loans of various exhibits are coming in from several sources. A cougar, killed recently near Indian Henrys, is now being mounted at the State Museum. This, we hope, will be a beginning for a fine natural history exhibit.

Lectures during the Month.

The Nature Guide Service is often called upon for lectures outside the Park. Whenever possible, we are glad to extend this service to take in such work. During the summer season, of course, our time is more than occupied at Paradise Valley and Longmire Springs. Illustrated lectures have been given this month before audiences at Enumclaw and Fairfax, for the Commercial Club of Eatonville, the Madison School at Seattle and the Forest Club and Northwest Bird and Mammal Club, both at the University of Washington. A short illustrated talk on "Bears" was also given for one of the Seattle churches.

Road Conditions.

The 1924 opening date for Mount Rainier National Park has been fixed for Tuesday, June 10th. The Nisqually road will then be open through to Narada Falls and made available to the public. On the same date, saddle horse service will be put on for the over-the-snow trip, Narada Falls to Paradise Valley. This mile and a half trip may also be made afoot. Heavy shoes and other hiking equipment may be rented at Narada Falls.

With continued favorable weather, the automobile road from Narada Falls to Paradise Valley, and the parking space at Paradise will be open and available to the public on Tuesday, June 17th.

Beginning on June 10th, Park stages will meet all trains at Ashford, conveying passengers as far as Narada Falls. Regular auto stage service from Tacoma and Seattle will start on the same date.

The White River Road, in the Northeast section of the Park, will be open to White River camp on June 14th.

Free public camping grounds are now available at Longmire Springs, Van Trump Camp and Kautz Creek on the Nisqually side of the Park. The camps on the White River will be open on June 14th. The Paradise public camp will be open about June 25th, several weeks earlier than normal.

Trails from Longmire Springs are open for hiking to Ramparts, Eagle Peak, Van Trump, Indian Henrys, and Paradise Valley. In the White River section, the foot trails to Glacier Basin, Yakima Park and Summerland are easily traversed though hikers may expect to find patches of snow above the 3800 feet elevations.

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