Nature Notes

Vol. XV December - 1937 No. 4

Carbon Glacier

The initial attempt to establish a permanent point from which recession data might be taken annually on this glacier was made on September 22, 1930. This marker was lost during the following year. A second marker, established in October, 1931, was also lost.

The third attempt was made on October 1, 1932. A large rock outcrop on the southwest side of the Carbon River, 723 feet from the terminus of the glacier, was selected and appropriately marked. This marker has persisted since that time and the recession of the terminus of this glacier has been computed from this point annually. On September 18, 1936, however, it was deemed advisable to establish a second marker nearer the ice face for use in making check measurements on the recession as computed from the original point. A large rock, 327 feet from the point where the stream emerged, was selected and marked with a large "X".

Tabulation of recession data.

1930 ...... Original marker established.
1931 ...... Second marker established.
1932 ...... Third marker established on rock outcrop 723 feet from the point where the main stream emerged from the Carbon Glacier.
1932-1933 ...... Recession of 12 feet (Marker 735 feet from the terminus).
1933-1934 ...... Recession of 29 feet (Marker 764 feet from the terminus).
1934-1935 ...... Recession of 24 feet (Marker 788 feet from the terminus).
1935-1936 ...... Recession of 62 feet (Marker 850 feet from the terminus).
...... Second marker established, 327 feet from the terminus, for future measurements.
1936-1937 ...... Recession of 20 feet (Original marker was 870 feet from the terminus; second marker was 347 feet from the terminus).

From the above tabulation the average annual retreat of the Carbon Glacier is 29.4 feet.


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