Nature Notes

Vol. XV December - 1937 No. 4


The writer first wishes to, again, call attention to the fact that glacier recession studies in Mount Rainier National Park were initiated by F. W. Schmoe, the first park naturalist of this area, and Professor Henry C. Landes of the University of Washington. The tabulations in recent years were merely continuations of the original efforts of those men.

The interest and counsel of Dr. F. E. Matthes, Senior Geologist of the United States Geological Survey, who is Chairman of the Committee on Glaciers of the American Geophysical Union, is also gratefully acknowledged. Dr. Matthes' broad knowledge and great interest in this field has been of particular value.

Inasmuch as those annual tabulations of the recession of the glaciers are a part of the work of the naturalist department of this national park, these studies have been encouraged by the National Park Service and great interest in the results has been manifested by Dr. H. C. Bryant, Assistant Director of the National Park Service, Mr. E. A. Trager, Chief Naturalist of the National Park Service, Major O. A. Tomlinson, Superintendent of Mount Rainier National Park, and many other administrative officials. This interest and encouragement has been of great value to all who had a part in this program.

In the actual performance of the field work in connection with the tabulation of recession data, acknowledgement must be made of the help of all who had a part in it. Particular mention should be made of the assistance of ranger-naturalists Natt Dodge (now junior park naturalist of the Southwest Monuments) and Dr. E. T. Bodenberg; of rangers Frank Greer and Charles Browne, of the members of the engineering party who laid out the base line in the case of the Emmons Glacier, and of the numerous C.C.C. men who also rendered valuable field assistance. It may also be appropriate for the writer to acknowledge the assistance of his wife who, on many occasions, aided in making the recession measurements and in tabulating the results. (C.F.B.)


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