Nature Notes

Vol. XV September - 1937 No. 3



American Scenic and Historic Preservation Society. Mount Rainier or Mount Tacoma historic controversy over a place name. (In the annual report Vol. 23, pp. 409-31)

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----------- same, including; Oral presentation by C. T. Conover and Victor J. Farrar; The Dicision, Shall the Name of Mount Rainier by Changed? by C. Hart Merriam. .

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Government Publications

U. S. Congress. House Committee on Public Lands hearings before the Committee, House of Representatives, 68th Congress, 2nd session on S. J. resolution 64, a joint resolution to change the name of Mount Rainier to Mt. Tacoma, and for other purposes. 1925.

Name of the Mountain Bibliography. Tacoma. Justice to the Mountain Committee. Brief submitted to the U. S. Geographic Board urging the official removal. . . of the name Rainier. 1917, pp. 72-77. "Authorities consulted." This includes brief references to the mountain in the works of early writers, and on maps and in encyclopedias, not included in this bibliography.

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