Nature Notes

Vol. XV June - 1937 No. 2


The writer gratefully acknowledges the help and cooperation rendered by Mr. Len Longmire who is intimately acquainted with the early days about "The Mountain", and who made his first hand knowledge of these stirring times available to this publication; to Mr. W. P. Bonney, who also gave liberally from his store of knowledge of this region's early days; to the late Professor Edmund S. Meany, a lover of "The Mountain" and dean of northwest historians; to Professor J. B. Flett, author of the "Flora of Mt. Rainier", botanist and one of the early Park Rangers; to Park Rangers Frank Greer, Herman Barnett and Carl Tice who have served for many years in protecting this great scenic area; to Mr. E. S. Hall, now Park Commissioner and one of the early superintendents of the park; to the administrative staff of the National Park Service and the Rainier National Park Company.

Mention must also be made of the assistance rendered by many people who kindly loaned or donated old photos, newspaper clippings and other similar items of interest, without which this account would be far from complete. Among those who cooperated in this manner are Mr. O. W. Ollar of Tacoma, Washington, Mrs. Kate Stevens Bates, (sister of Hazard Stevens who was one of the first two men to first stand upon Rainier's crest) of Olympia, Washington, Mrs. Fritz von Brieson (nee Fay Fuller), who had the distinction of being the first woman to reach the summit of "The Mountain", of New York City, Mrs. Maud Longmire Scheffer of Tacoma, Mr. Ashael Curtis of Seattle and the Hon. S. F. Tolmie, son of Dr. Wm. Fraser Tolmie, of Victoria, B. C.

The writer has also drawn liberally from the already published historical records of the Pacific Northwest in an effort to correlate events of note with the history of Mt. Rainier National Park and to paint a descriptive background of the northwest which will serve to portray the place which this grand old volcano has always occupied in the hearts of those who have chosen to live within sight of its glistening ice-clad slopes.

C. Frank Brockman

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