Nature Notes

Vol. XIV December - 1936 No. 4


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Glossary of Technical Terms

Anterior - front or head portion of the body.

Caudel - tail-like or in the region of the tail.

Cloacal region - the common chamber into which the intestinal, urinary and genitive channels discharge.

Costal grooves - vertical grooves between the rib-like folds on the sides of the bodies of salamanders.

Dorsal - upperside of the animal's body.

Dorso-lateral fold - a fold or ridge extending on either side of the back.

Lateral - pertaining to the side.

Metamorphosis - a series of marked and radical change in the form and structure of the animal in its development from tadpole to adult.

Maxillary Teeth - Teeth on upper jaw.

Parotide gland - an enlarged gland situated on the side of the head back of the eye.

Posterior - hind part of the animal's body; the opposite of anterior.

Tympanic membrane - the drum-like membrane constituting the outer surface of the middle ear.

Tympanum - the middle ear.

Truncate - having the end cut off.

Ventral - the underside or abdominal portion of the animal's body; the opposite of dorsel.


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