Nature Notes

Vol. XIV December - 1936 No. 4

Key to the Amphibians of Mt. Rainier National Park

1-Body elongated with well developed tail; fore and hind legs about equal in length (Order Caudata - Salamanders, newts, water dogs, etc.)2
1-Body rather short and broad; no tail in adult form; hind legs much longer than fore legs (Order Salienta - Frogs and toads)8

2-Skin often roughened with granular warts; coastal grooves not evident; (Family Salamandridae - only one species native to the park) PACIFIC COAST NEWT, Triturus torosus
2-Skin smooth; costal grooves evident
3-Bodies robust; snout blunt. (Family Ambystomidae) 4
3-Bodies slender; feet small. (Family Plethodontidae) 6

4-Tongue attached along median line; lateral edges free; costal grooves very prominent. (Genus Ambystoma
2 species native to the park)

4-Tongue adherent; costal grooves shallow. (Genus Dicamptodon - 1 species native to the park) PACIFIC GIANT SALAMANDER, Dicamptodon ensatus
5-Parotid gland present and prominent; costal grooves ten NORTHWEST SALAMANDER, Ambystoma gracile
5-Parotid gland absent; usually a yellowish band on upper side of the animals body (dorsal surface) costal grooves eleven LONG-TOED SALAMANDER, Ambystoma macrodactylum

6-Under surface of fore and hind feet smooth. (Genus Plethodon - 2 species native to the park 7

6-Under surface of fore and hind feet with wart-like growths (Genus Ensatina - Only one species native to the park) - RED OR OREGON SALAMANDER, Ensatina eschscholtzii
7-Parotid glands absent; toes without basal web; costal grooves usually fourteen WESTERN RED-BACKED SALAMANDER, Plethodon vehiculus
7-Parotid glands present; toes with basal web; dorsal strip and tail yellowish; costal grooves usually thirteen WASHINGTON SALAMANDER, Plethodon vandykei

8-Pupils of eyes vertically elongate; ribs present. (Family Discoglossidae - only one species native to the park) - AMERICAN RIBBED or AMERICAN BELL TOAD - Ascaphus truei
8-Pupils of eyes horizontal or round; no ribs
9-Parotide glands well developed; no teeth; digits without adhesive disks. (Family Bufonidae - only one species native to the park.) NORTHWESTERN TOAD, Bufo boreas boreas
9-No parotid glands; upper jaw with teeth

10-Digits ending in adhesive disks. (Family Hylidae - only one species native to the park) - PACIFIC TREE TOAD - Hyla regilla
10-Digits without adhesive disks. (Genus Rana - two species native to the park)
11-Skin smooth, webs very full; dorsal spots small or inconspicuous. WESTERN WOOD or OREGON RED-LEGGED FROG - Rana aurora aurora.
11-Small dark spots on dorsal surface; webs not so full; dorsal lateral folds more prominent. WESTERN SPOTTED FROG, Rana pretiosa

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