Nature Notes

Mount Rainier National Park

Vol. XIII June - 1935 No. 2

Issued quarterly by the Naturalist Department of Mount Rainier National Park. Material contained herein may be used freely provided that credit is given to this pamphlet and the author.
C. Frank Brockman,
Park Naturalist.
O. A. Tomlinson,

'Bridge Burglar' Trumps Ace!

The "bridge of sighs" would have been a good name for this particular party - especially for the hostess, Mrs. R. D. Waterhouse, wife of the park engineer. Yet if the exponents of Ely, who gathered at the Waterhouse domicile on that particular afternoon, had to prepare a larger dinner than they expected would be necessary that evening (to the delight of male members of their families), it was not the fault of the sponsor of the party.

It seems as though a squirrel dwelt in the woodshed at the rear of the Waterhouse residence. He was not adverse to picking up a few morsels of food now and then that were offered him and eventually he took full advantage of the welcome upon the doormat, first coming into the kitchen to be fed and later obtaining practically the run of the house. This arrangement was satisfactory for some time. The animal was interesting and well behaved and its benefactors always seemed willing to offer food in return for the friendly association of their pet. All would probably have gone well had it not been for the necessities of last minute preparations for the above mentioned party. No doubt the squirrel wondered concerning the lack of attention. If he did, he didn't wonder long. The kitchen door was open and at the kitchen table Mrs. Waterhouse was busily engaged in cracking English walnuts for use in some sort of palatable delicacy to serve at the party. This duty completed and the bowl filled with meaty kernels she left the house for a moment. The squirrel wasted little, if any, time. Upon her return Mrs. Waterhouse found the nut bowl so bare that it would have made Mother Hubbard's proverbial cupboard look like the Women's Exchange booth at a country fair. And it is said that for days and days kernels of English walnuts were found in all sorts of nooks and crannies about the house! That "bridge burglar" certainly trumped an ace! (C.F.B.)

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