Nature Notes

Vol. XII May, 1934 No. 5

Know Your National Parks

A Brief Bibliography of Mount Rainier National
Park for Study Before Visiting This Beautiful
National Park


This is, as proclaimed by the Secretary of the Interior, a "National Parks Year". Allow us to suggest that you learn something about the areas you intend to visit this summer by reading a bit before you start on your journey - you will appreciate the parks more by so doing and get a great deal more pleasure from your better understanding of their superlative features.

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U.S. National Park Service. "Mammals and Birds of Mt. Rainier National Park" 1927. Taylor and Shaw

U.S. National Park Service. "Flora of Mt. Rainier N. Park" Flett

U.S. National Park Service. "Forests of Mt. Rainier N. Park" Allen

U.S. National Park Service. "Glaciers of Mt. Rainier N. Park" Matthes

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Judson - "Myths and Legends of the Pacific Northwest". 1910 -- 74-80

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