Nature Notes

Vol. XII December, 1934 No. 12

Your Mt. Rainier Nat'l Park Book List

During the long winter evenings that lie ahead, reacquaint yourself with this glorious mountain, or, if you have not already had an opportunity to visit this National Park, get your introduction to its many interesting features through the pages of these books. The following publications will be found to be interesting and very worthwhile. Many of them will, in all probability, be found on the shelves of your public library.

Features of the Flora of Mt. Rainier National Park. (Flett)
Forests of Mt. Rainier National Park. (Allen)
Mount Rainier and its Glaciers. (Matthes)
Glaciers of North Am erica. (Russell) 1897
Volcanoes of North America. (Russell) 1897
Mammals and Birds of Mt. Rainier National Park. (Taylor and Shaw)
Fauna of the National Parks. (Wright and Dixon)
History of Mt. Rainier National Park. (Tolbert) 1934
Mt. Rainier - A Record of Exploration. (Meany) 1916
Canoe and Saddle. (Winthrop) 1862
Discovery of the North Pacific Ocean. (Vancouver) 1790-95
The Mountain That Was God. (Williams) 1911
Our Greatest Mountain. (Schmoe) 1925
National Parks Portfolio. (Yard)
Snow Sentinels of the Pacific Northwest. (Hazard) 1931
Oh Ranger!. (Albright and Taylor)
Roaming American Playgrounds. (Faris)
Mountaineer, The. (Annual numbers published by the Mountaineer Club - Northwest organization promoting mountain climbing and other outdoor activities).
Life in the World's Wonderland (Garrish) 1887

Winter Season

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