Nature Notes

Vol. XI May - 1933 No. 3

'Pete' and 'Nancy' Break Into Print Again!

It is not strange when a dog, by its nervous antics, serves to attract the attention of men to its master's plight and thereby effects a timely rescue. We read often of such cases. Yet during the past winter one of two orphaned deer, which were raised into robust health last summer by Ranger and Mrs. Frank Greer, stepped into a similar role and served to aid another of its kind and bring about its rescue from possible death.

"Pete" and "Nancy", as they were subsequently named, were brought to Longmire early last summer about the same time - helpless, half starved and almost dead from exposure and lack of attention. As the days passed they became inseparable companions. Rarely was one seen but that the other was close at hand.

With the coming of winter deep snow lay upon the ground at Longmire - that is everywhere except where the warm waters of the springs in the nearby meadow prevented the snow from accumulating. There, as the snow became deeper, formed pitfalls that gradually became six to eight feet deep and these endangered any unwary animal that wandered too close to these "snow wells". One day "Nancy" approached the Greer residence in a very agitated state of mind. She pawed at the door but refused the food that was offered. She alternately raced away from the house for a short distance and returned again to repeat the process. Clearly, something was wrong! Furthermore "Pete" was nowhere to be seen. Finally, Ranger Greer followed the young doe which apparently was just what she expected him to do, for she led him directly to the meadow where existed the "snow wells". And there trapped within one of these, almost exhausted by his vain efforts at escape, lay "Pete". He had wandered too close to the edge and the snow, breaking suddenly away, had pitched the hapless animal to the ground.

Needless to say "Pete" was quickly lifted to the surface of the snow again and taken to the Greer home where he soon recovered from his experience. But had it not been for "Nancy" he would have suffered considerably and possibly would have died in this strange trap.

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