Nature Notes

Vol. XI April - 1933 No. 2

Shall Nature Notes Be Continued?

This publication is now in its tenth year. It has been gradually widening its influence and, we hope, improving as to content until now it is mailed to people in 35 states and most Americans territories and possessions. Thee are 525 "subscribers" and the letters received from them from time to time testify as to the value of the information contained in "Nature Notes". Originally a weekly posted page, public interest brought about its expansion as a pamphlet published once monthly during the winter and twice monthly during the summer season. That schedule consumed too much time from other work and it was placed on a year round monthly basis. The list is arbitrarily thrown out each year and a new start made at that time in order to hold its circulation under 500. In that manner we hoped to send it to those most interested and who would use the information contained in the widest and most beneficial manner. Thus it was found its way into schools where it is used in science and nature study classes. But as our efforts have been to restrict its development, as far as numbers are concerned, public interest has fostered its gradual expansion. In six weeks this winter 38 requests for Nature Notes were received. And so we again find it necessary to take a new tack.

The actual net cost of Nature Notes to us is very small. Paper and stencils are practically the only item of expense. The work (writing, illustrating, printing, etc.) is done largely at odd times - many evenings, Sundays, etc. being utilized in this manner. No additional help is available in its interest. Proper preparation of its contents calls for time; the increasing list, in spite of annual revisions, also calls for greater effort and more time and this can now be taken only from one place - our other duties. Consequently, we are casting about for ways and means of relief in mechanical preparation so that the time formerly used in this regard could be utilized in the preparation of more carefully selected material. And so, in requesting answers to the following questions we wish to state that it will incur no obligation of any kind on your part. We want a cross section of opinion as to Nature Notes' effectiveness, use, interest and value.

(1) Do you find Nature Notes of interest and value?
(2) How do you use it?
(3) Do you pass it on to others?
(4) Do you retain your copies for future use in any way?
(5) In your opinion, is it worth while?
(6) What suggestions have you as to its betterment?
(7) Should it be discontinued?
(8) If not, would you be willing to contribute (not to exceed $1 per year) toward its publication in printed form?
(9) If you want it continued can you suggest any means by which its costs and extra effort could be taken care of?

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