Nature Notes

Vol. X August 1932 No. 8

Good Things to Read

The following magazine articles, books or pamphlets will be found to contain much interesting information regarding natural history. From time to time we shall include such a page as this in Mount Rainier Nature Notes in the hope that it may satisfy the many requests from individuals who seek such material and also to aid in a broader understanding of natural history by our readers as a whole.


Adventures with Trailside Insects - Carr. (Natural History MAg. March-April, 1932)

Tern Tenement - Pettingill (American Forests, June, 1932)

Art and Animals - Dugmore (Natural History, May-June, 1932)

A Voice from the Pines - Harper (Natural History, May-June, 1932)

Australian Bears - Duncan (Nature Magazine, July, 1932)

What is Will-o'-the-Wisp? - Tallman (Nature Magazine, July, 1932)

Soviet Trade and Forestry - Brown (American Forests, May, 1932)

Hot Water Fishes of the Desert - Hogg (Nature Magazine, July, 1932)

Seeking the Smallest Feathered Creatures - Wetmore (National Geographic Magazine, July, 1932)

Hummingbirds, Swifts, and Goatsuckers - Brooks (National Geographic Magazine, July, 1932)

The Lewis and Clark Expedition - Vincent (Spokane Study Club Series. Published by the State College of Washington, Pullman)

Northwest History - Vincent (Spokane Study Club Series. Published by the State College of Washington, Pullman)


Listen In

Every other Wednesday evening at 6:15 o'clock over Station KVI, Tacoma, Washington, some member of the Educational Department of Mount Rainier National Park conducts a 15 minute program. The title of this feature is "Nature Notes from Mount Rainier National Park". Through this medium we give you last-minute bits of interesting information, experiences, and notes on the natural history of this region. The next program will be on August 10. Station KVI operate on a frequency of 570 Kilocycles. TUNE IN!

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