Nature Notes

Vol. X December, 1932 No. 12

'if' [with all due repects to Rudyard Kipling]

If you can hike all day o'er trails familiar,
Yet find new objects worthy of delight;
Then give a sparking lecture after supper
And Answer questions halfway through the night.
If you can write a Nature Note or feature,
Cut stencils, run the multigraph, and draw
A picture both descriptive and artistic;
If you can wield an ax or cross-cut saw---

[Illustration taken from 'Oh Ranger']

If you can skin and stuff a bird or mammal;
Throw on a pack of saddle, and can ride;
If you can take a photo--still or movie--
Develop, print, enlarge, or make a slide,
If you can hob-nob with a man of science
On subjects where his life's work knowledge lies,
And then next moment, greet a little youngster
And watch the light of interest flood his eyes---

If you know hot to fight a forest fire,
To use an ice-ax, tie your party in;
If you can cook a meal, and lug a packsack,
And know just when to sympathize--or grin,
If you can bind a sprain or pad a blister,
Know flowers by the scientific name,
Treat every girl as if she were your sister,
And rain, or sleet, or tired--still be game---

If you can write and give a radio program,
Lead singing when the lecture hour is done;
Can be good-natured with efficious arguers,
Yet be more friendly after you have won;
If you can talk on subjects scientific
In such a way that laymen get the gist;
If you love Nature, of her never tire,
Perhaps you'll be a Ranger-naturalist.

[Illustration taken from 'Oh Ranger']

Natt Dodge, Ranger-
Naturalist. Season 1932

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