Nature Notes

Vol. X December, 1932 No. 12

Brief Items of Interest

A late November trip from Longmire to Ohanapecosh Chief Ranger Davis and Ranger Carl Tice reported seeing a considerable number of Mountain Goat on the Tatoosh Range and on a ridge in the vicinity of the Box Canyon of the Cowlitz. Great numbers of tracks were also seen. Several mountain goats were also seen directly on the Paradise Highway at Van Trump Camp (some 3 miles above Longmire) about mid-November by men clearing the road of snow at that point. That, to borrow a California term is "unusual".

The Museum at Longmire is rapidly becoming overcrowded. The large relief map, several new cases and other exhibits recently installed - taxes to the utmost the space available in this temporary building.

Bill Butler, temporary Ranger of last summer who is wintering at the road camp at Inspiration Point, reports that his entertainment comes in the form of several nearly tame Martin that have apparently adopted him as a sort of permanent good Samaritan. We hope to pay Bill and his pets a visit soon; object photography.

And those of you who have tried to conclude as to the identity of the animal peering from the encircling twigs of Salal on the over we'll inform you that it is a Lynx. This being a December number perhaps it would have been better had we portrayed a Mountain Goat - that being the only animal in the park with a beard a la Santa Claus.


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