Kelso Depot Historic Structure Report
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Introduction (HTML)

Executive Summary (HTML)

  Research to prepare historic structure report
  Major research findings
  Major issues identified in project agreement
  Recommendations for treatment or use

Administrative Data (HTML)

  Identification of structure
  Purpose of project and proposed treatment
  Estimated rehabilitation costs
  Project phasing
  Related studies
  Cultural resource data
  Materials Disposition recommendations

Summary of Archeological Data (HTML)

Developmental History

  Kelso, California, and Its Legacy
  Transcontinental railroads in the American west
        The union pacific railroad (Image)
        Early histroy of the San Pedro, Los Angeles and Salt Lake Railroad (Image)
  The reasons for a railroad company town at Kelso
  A union pacific system modernization program
  Temporary lunch room facilities
  Building a new depot at Kelso
        Description of the plans for the new Kelso Depot (Image)
        Kelso as a meal stop for passenger trains (Image)
        Company hotel and recreation facilities (Image)
        A 'new' Los Angeles limited (Image)
        Completion of the new Kelso Depot (Image)
        Landscaping the Depot grounds (Image)
                vegetation (Image)
                The station platform (Image)
  Recollections of the Kelso Depot in its early years
  Depression years on the Los Angeles & salt lake railroad
  The coming of the Diesel
  Depot Improvements
  The world war II boom years at Kelso
  A new section foreman for the Kelso section
  The postwar years
  Remodeling the lunch room
  The end of stream locomotives on the salt lake route
  A return of steam locomotives to Kelso ans Vicinity
  New facilities to service Diesel-electric locomotives
  Kelso during the 1950s and Early 1960s
        More remodeling of the lunch room
        The end of helper service at Kelso
        Lunch room headaches for management
  Closure of the Kelso Depot
        A partition Dividing the lobby from the lunch room
        "Running repairs" to the Kelso Depot, Employees' hotel and lunch room
  The coming of Amtrak
  An attempt to demolish the kelso Depot
  Routine yearly maintenance
  Kelso coffe shop menus
  The last 'running repairs' to be made in the Kelso Depot
  Impressions of Kelso in 1984
        The closing to the Kelso lunch room
  The effort to preserve the Kelso Depot
        the local effort to preserve the Kelso Depot
        state government-recognized "point of historical interest"
        the decisions for the Bureau of land management to acquire the Kelso Depot
        Acquistion of the Kelso Depot by the bureau of land management
  transfer of the Kelso Depot to the national park system in Mojave National
  A grave affair
  A note on source material
  Recommendations for further research
Illustrations (PDF)
    List of Illustrations
  Illustrations with Captions
Illustrations 1-12 (PDF)
Illustrations 13-24 (PDF)
Illustrations 25-36 (PDF)
Illustrations 37-48 (PDF)


  Appendix A: Interstate Commerce Commission, Valuation of Railroad Property (PDF)
  Appendix B: Keels lunch room price lists and menus (PDF)
  Appendix C: "Inventory of Furniture Fixtures and Miscellaneous Equipment," Kelso Club, November 13, 1953 (PDF)

Bibliography (PDF)

Alternatively, the entire Historic Furnishings Report can be downloaded in a single PDF document.

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