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To preserve the site and evidence of the Battle of Moores Creek, February 26, 1776, and interpret it as an episode in the War for Independence.

MANAGEMENT CATEGORY—Moores Creek National Military Park will be administered by the National Park Service as a Historical Area.

Reconstructed breastworks.


Provide Greater Security for the Resource and its Visitors—Acquire additional lands in order to fully protect historic resources, provide a necessary buffer from existing or potential environmental intrusions, and secure a safe entrance for visitors to the park.

Recreate the Historic Scene—On lands involved in and adjacent to the site of the battle, manage the vegetation and restore the historic feature so as to recreate a scene as near as possible to its 1776 appearance.

Simulate Natural Conditions—To establish a receptive mood for visitors and to provide greater protection for the historic resources, those existing structures, utility lines, roads, and parking lots incompatible with the plan for the enlarged park will be removed and the area will be restored to simulate its natural appearance.

Improve Park Interior Circulation—Provide a trail from the visitor center that will allow more orderly and dramatic presentation of the battle story.

Cooperate with Others—Work closely with the following authorities and organizations to accomplish the goals of the park: State of North Carolina, relocation of North Carolina 210 and acquisition of lands; U. S. Coast Guard, reconstruction of the historic bridge across Moores Creek; area tourist promotion groups, so that regional visitors are made aware of the National Military Park; Moores Creek Battleground Association, general assistance with the entire park program.

Commemorate Bicentennial—Every effort will be made to complete the development of Moores Creek National Military Park prior to the 200th anniversary of the battle as a National Park Service contribution to the bicentennial celebration of the American Revolution.

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Last Updated: 07-May-2007