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1897The North Carolina General Assembly passed an act on March 9, (Chapter 402, Laws of 1897) to authorize the purchase of Moores Creek Battleground and appropriated $200 for land not to exceed 10 acres.
1898In June, 2 acres of land were purchased from Bruce and Flora Williams for $100 and 8 acres were purchased from Peter and Valie Simpson for $40.
1899The Moores Creek Monumental Association was incorporated by act of the North Carolina General Assembly. The Association was to receive $100 in 1899 and 1900, and $50 per annum thereafter to operate the park.
1905On March 2, the North Carolina General Assembly appropriated $200 to keep the grounds cleared and to erect a lodge for the protection of visitors from the weather.
1907By act of the North Carolina General Assembly (Chapter 262, Laws of 1907) $500 was made available to preserve, improve, protect and enlarge Moores Creek Battleground. From this sum an additional 20 acres of land were purchased from Peter and Valie Simpson for $200.
1924On August 23, the annual operating appropriation for Moores Creek was increased to $1,000 by the General Assembly.
1925The Annual appropriation was reduced to $500. Also, the North Carolina legislature authorized the donation of Moores Creek Battleground to the United States. (Chapter 40, Laws of 1925).
1926The Congress of the United States authorized the establishment of Moores Creek National Military Park, June 2, 1926 (44 Stat. 684). The deed conveying the park from North Carolina to the United States was dated July 8. The deed was recorded in the Pender County Courthouse, August 27, 1927.
1933Moores Creek was transferred from the War Department to the Department of the Interior (Exec. Orders 6166 and 6228).
1944September 22, Congress authorized the acceptance of land donations for Moores Creek NMP not to exceed 100 acres (58 Stat. 746).
1947The North Carolina General Assembly created a commission to investigate the acquisition of property for Moores Creek NMP (Chapter 917, Laws of 1947).
1951North Carolina conveyed 12.23 acres of land for the park to the United States on November 5.
1953The 12.23 acre addition to the park was officially accepted by the Department of the Interior on February 20.
1962On February 8, the Assistant Secretary of Interior authorized a 7.45 acres boundary extension to include historic lands west of Moores Creek. It was anticipated that North Carolina would purchase the lands and donate them to the park; however, the General Assembly has not appropriated the necessary funds.

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