Montezuma Castle Archeology - Part 2: Textiles


This report was completed in 1938. Since that time the author has made more extensive studies of prehistoric Southwestern textiles, principally those woven of cotton. In the light of these studies a limited amount of revision, allowing for the addition of new material pertinent to the Montezuma Castle series, was thought necessary. The report stands, however, substantially as written then.

Arizona State Museum, June, 1946


Our thanks are due to Dr. A. C. Whitford, of Alfred, New York, Dr. Volney Jones of the Department of Anthropology, University of Michigan, and F. Martin Brown of the Colorado Biological Survey, for their aid in determining from what materials these specimens were made. The three analyses agreed for the most part. In problematical cases Dr. Whitford's opinion has been followed, as he studied the collection in its entirety, while the other investigators worked only from our slides. The variant results are always listed in the form of footnotes. Dr. Jones' color notes proved of particular interest and value in our research. Drawings were done by Frances R. Raynolds; photographs by the Denver Art Museum.

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