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Several years ago, the Cultural Resources Planning Division undertook a complete restructuring of the historical research program in the Southeast Region. A multidisciplinary team was assembled, field surveys were begun, and intensive primary and secondary research initiated into the origins and significance of the historic structures and landscapes of National Park Service units in the Southeast Region. This Historic Resource Study is the first of many to treat the historic resources of the parks in a holistic manner, establishing the relevant historic contexts, and containing the information necessary to list all of the eligible resources in the National Register of Historic Places. We have, in the process of developing this study, updated the park's List of Classified Structures and transferred the text of this document to National Register forms to update the Historic Site's listing. It is our hope that this study will provide clear guidance to park management about the historic values embodied in this unit of the National Park System. Finally, we are grateful for the recognition accorded this report by the Vernacular Architecture Forum, which selected the draft as the recipient of its 1994 Paul E. Buchanan Award for the best unpublished work in this field.

Kirk A. Cordell
Cultural Resources Planning Division
National Park Service Southeast Region
August 1994

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