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Robert Watson Kuecher Affidavit


I, Robert Kuecher, now residing in Hollywood, California, being duly sworn, gives the following statements as my recollections of family knowledge concerning certain materials which were once the property of Abraham Lincoln and used in his Springfield, Illinois home.

The following articles, which were all acquired by my Grandfather, John Kuecher, from the Lincoln Home, are the last of the Lincoln Collection, outside of two chairs that are owned by John Kuecher, a nephew in Decatur, Illinois. My Uncle, Julius Kuecher, and others of the family told me that the only things Grandfather bought were the cabinet toilet set, quilt, and chair from the maid's room. I will list the antiques, and give their history as they were handed down through the years in the Kuecher family:

Purchased at the sale on Lincoln's death by John B. Kuecher:

1. Cabinet drawer stand, with white toilet set from maid's room.

2. Quilt from maid's room.

3. Child's rocking chair, always called "Tad's Chair" by our family.

These things were hauled to the John Kuecher home by a driver for Baum's Monument company. The toilet set and quilt were given to my parents for a wedding present. .A desk and the rocking chair were delivered to my sister, Alice Harlow, during her first year at the old Lincoln School. They have been stored in her home at 1328 Monroe Street, Springfield, Illinois.

4. 50¢ and 10¢ American coins

were given to John Kuecher by Abraham Lincoln to purchase rope, and for helping to rope two of Lincoln's trunks. These coins were given to my Father by John Kuecher for a wedding present.

5. Couch from Lincoln Living room.

6. Wheelbarrow, (Lincoln's initial carved in handle) don't know final destination.

7. Lantern now in Valentine Collection.

Lincoln gave the couch to John Kuecher and helped deliver it to the Kuecher home in the wheelbarrow. The lantern was brought along to light Lincoln's way home. The lantern and barrow were given to John Kuecher by Lincoln because Lincoln would have no further use for them. The couch later went to my Uncle, Julius Kuecher, who later gave it to me and I gave it to Lincoln's Home where it is now, and an affidavit is on file with State of Illinois.

8. Books of Sermons.

9. Volume of Shakespeare.

10. (2) Presbyterian Hymn books.

Items 8 and 9 were given to Lincoln by a Springfield friend and were given to Elizabeth Kuecher, my Grandmother, by Mrs. Lincoln. Mr. Kuecher later gave the hymn books to my English Grandmother, Betsy Webster, and I inherited them from her.

11. Gold Cameo ring, given to me by my Grandmother on my 21st birthday. Owing to theater travelling, I left this ring in custody for safety with my Father. At his death, my Sister, Mrs. Harlow, kept it for me until her recent death. Lincoln gave this ring to my Grandfather, John Kuecher, about the time of his second inauguration and then passed on to my Grandmother, Elizabeth Kuecher who died in 1919.

12. Pearl and gold pen in case given by Mrs. Lincoln to my Grandmother.

13. Another pearl pen, not in case, from Lincoln home.

14. Pair of gold earrings with gold brooch, given by Mrs. Lincoln to my Grandmother before leaving for Washington, D.C. My Grandmother then gave them to my Mother for a wedding present.

15. (2) desk shears, or scissors from desk at Lincoln home.

16. Crystal glass paper weight, from Lincoln's home desk.

17. (5) Ivory letter openers or page cutters from Lincoln's desk.

18. Hammer, screwdriver, box opener, or nail puller, always kept in box and kept as "Lincoln Tools."

19. Framed picture of Church and yard, possibly from maid's room.

20. Silver tassels from Lincoln's catafalque when casket was in State House.

21. Clothes brush.

22. Dining room bell, (ivory handle).

23. Mahogany frame and glass (no picture, used for table top to display coins, and other Lincoln objects in my family's home).

24. Handmade copper tea kettle.

25. Wooden board used as gate latch.

26. Kitchen or porch chair formerly painted.

27. Bedroom Vienna bent wood chair formerly with cane seat.

28. Handmade child's table with drawer.

All items listed that I now own, I sell all right, title and interest to Emily E. Barker, Springfield, Illinois.

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